Muscle Building Workout For Bigger, Rounder Shoulder

Grab Your Muscle Building Workout Right Now Below: http This is a shoulder workout that myself and Lee Hayward did while we were on vacation down in Las Vegas. Workout Summary: Exercise 1: Standing Arnold Presses Exercise 2: Standing W Presses Exercise 3: Upright Rows Exercise 4: Bent Over V Raises Exercise 5: Standing High Lateral Raises “Don’t count reps on this workout” Find a weight you can handle 10-15 times and take each set to failure Rotate through each …

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  1. pantsman29 says:

    Thanx for the tips, wish the camera man would shut up tho!

  2. the links are to the right ahole but thank you big help

  3. it is a ace shoulder workout its in my shoulder routine

  4. But usually you say that intensity is letting your muscle grow, not completely fatigue of the muscle with low weights, like you are doing it here!

  5. EbopAllDay says:

    when you say dont baby your shoulders are you meaning to train them more often? 2 – 3 times a week?

  6. Thanks for the tip. I will surely use it to my ability.

  7. ranirani1976 says:

    nothing happen

  8. RugbyRules999 says:

    what i do is i kneel down infront of a set up bench and move the bar from inline to the top of my shoulder to a full extension above my head. its only a one rep max. but im serious into rugby so i sorta need to get weights up. just keep working and it will pay off!

    btw dont stick to few exercises. i only use the bench to check progress but i switch between 5 shoulder exercises each workout

  9. RuthlessDutchman says:

    115kg for a SHOULDER PRESS?! For real? How do you manage that. I’m only just 16 and been training for 18 months already, so i’m curious, is that sitting on a bench and pushing the bar from your chest to above your head?

  10. WasGibtsLeute says:

    Counting reps is a little detail? lol.

  11. cristinel2k says:

    I.A.B mates

  12. look at 5:26

  13. RugbyRules999 says:

    since he posted this i have done this workout each thursday and im serious my shoulder are now only rock hard, rounder and bigger, i have also increased my shoulder press with both arms from 115 kg’s to 137.5kg’s. best shoulder workout i have ever used and im only 16 years old!

    thanks a lot vince and lee, you guys rock!!

  14. chatodlakerfan says:

    I like this. Im doing this next time i do shoulders. Thanx Vince

  15. Whats the name of this Short Vince???
    I love them, and I want them lol…

  16. malerumerume says:

    Vince ur the Man! this is my best vid ever!!!!!!!!!

  17. id ride this guy all night.

  18. emichaelt817 says:

    haha ” stop counting your stupid reps” is probably the most important sentence in the whole video lol!!

  19. i love this workout, i did it, very very tough. also works, i got rounder shoulders.

    and the dude below, halfasian, hes right about training ur delts hard, u want proportions. proportions are everything, or u look lumpy

  20. slayerguitar says:

    you do excercise with as much weight as you can hand with proper form and get the “burn .
    the only way to build muscle is to damage them by makin the “burn and then in a couple days they heal and get bigger , may not be noticable but it does, so when you work out and your not sore in the mornin you dont make a gain. just watch vince’s videos on youtube

  21. eireboy17 says:

    ah ok, is it ok to decrease weight each time or lets say lift 15kg for the first two circuits(lol im really week) and then drop down to 12kg…10kg and for the last set maby 7kg.

    also could you do a similar circuit for the chest and back?

  22. slayerguitar says:

    go untill you feel the burn, dont count just go till you fail and you will get the burn!

  23. slayerguitar says:

    thanks man, i hope t works, but it will take time!

  24. halfasain92bitch says:

    if i were you i would train rear delts as often as you trained your front and sides, and just use the same weight your using for your rear delts on your front and sides, or just dont traing the front and sides at all, up to you, but it’s probs best to still train the other parts, but obviously with less intensity

  25. eireboy17 says:

    ok i just did this at the gym 🙂 did 5 circuits. i found it tough but i don’t know if i got that ‘burn’ that vince seemed to get in this vid, not sure why, my left side is not as strong as my right so i struggled there.

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