The Renegade Health Top 10 Weight Loss Tips #160 – Today you’re in for a real treat… I’d gotten away from the top 10 lists because there was just other information to cover, but after doing today’s Renegade Health Top 10 weight loss tips, I wonder why I moved away from them. They’re not only fun to do, but they’re also REALLY helpful for you. So be sure to catch this show and find out what exactly I think are the most important aspects of healthy weight loss… (See if they match your own list!) Go ahead and …

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  1. love the positive energy!

  2. 1987sarahmarie says:

    Spinach, spinach, spinach! I try to eat at least 3 big cups on spinach with a light dressing as often as possible before dinner. It fills me up and makes me go for the less high-calorie stuff I make for dinner.
    I walk to wherever I’m going as often as possible and try to get at least 2 hours of cardio at the gym (I normally go 3 times a week).
    I know these are small things, but they’ve really helped me lose the weight. Good luck to everyone out there!

  3. cattyerde says:

    20lb in 3 weeks so far 14 of them in the first week i really needed some raw food

  4. What worked for me once was the atkins diet, I lost 24 pounds within 6 months but then slowly gained them again because I stopped working (and hence stopped walking to my office which represented almost 1hour and a half walk per day).
    What’s working now for me is raw food : I don’t even have to think about it, it’s effortless and effective, I’ve lost 6 pounds within 8 weeks and I’m not even trying to :o)

  5. AlasseMeneldur says:

    RAW FOODS! raw foods have made me drop over 30 pounds in 3 months…without doing any exercise…altho im working on integrating exercise into my routine

  6. toohotnicegirl says:

    Have you dreamed to be slim and sexy ? Well dream no more, Get Free trial of our new diet supplement and start seeing results in few days ! See my profile for more.

  7. do you have a recommendation for a good green powder or green drink (that’s tasty:) )

  8. lucky202006 says:

    I absolutely love your video’s a little over 2 months ago I went vegetarian, but I wasn’t eating healthy still. I almost went back to eating meat when I saw a show on TV talking about raw food. So I decided to go raw and I love it! and your videos are very helpful in the journey I’m taking! Thank you!! 🙂 God Bless.

  9. thatgirlfit85 says:

    The reason walking is so beneficial is because a higher percentage of calories burned during walking are calories from fat. Walking keeps your heart rate in an optimal zone for fat burning as supposed to running which burns a higher number of calories but a greater number of those calories come from carbohydrates. I love to run…but because I am trying to lose weight I also get my walks in as well.

  10. ashenvale1 says:

    Thanks bro.

    Your videos are a blessing and your positive attitude is what sells it .

  11. Eat your greens! and greens powder added to drinks. You can find charts that shows what foods help alkalize your body.

  12. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  13. healthfreaks are so weird and airheaded

  14. yanitla1687 says:

    Thanks so much Kevin, your program is super uplifting! I’ve got my goal set and hitting new and exciting milestones everyday. Wonderful, I just have to get to bed earlier lol.

  15. awesome video!! thank you so much for the tips, especially #1~~~!!

  16. linda77singer says:

    Love your videos! Since I became vegan 4 months ago, I have lost 32 pounds without exercise. Next I want to exercise and learn more about raw foods. Thanks for all you do. P.S. – I’m 61, and was convinced my metabolism would never speed up again, etc. – not true! smile

  17. DianneRawGirl says:

    I am doing My firstMaster Cleanse since eating raw (October 2008 )and I am on day 8 and man life is mgood.Check out my new videos on my quest

  18. rubyspirit2 says:

    Good ideas KG … Blessings.

  19. bloominglotus57 says:

    bikram yoga makes your whole life better. pair it with raw food and hydrotherapy and you are on your WAY!!!

  20. lilhunny22 says:

    Number 5 is so true.
    Number 1 is my favorite 🙂

  21. kristenlovesrawfood says:

    I love this!! Thanks!!!!

  22. 2008Raw2008 says:

    I agree, the additive process is great. Add green smoothies for starters.


  23. awesome!! i’ll for sure drink tea, and i didn’t think about the #3.. just add things to your diet. =)

  24. maegdalene says:

    Ha! I love the music! It makes me smile everyday!

  25. eqqalizer says:

    Are you the guy in the px90 infomercial?

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