My grandpa (82 years old) would like to try adding a little mass & muscle. What do you recommend?

My grandpa has recently learned and has come to understand that as he ages, he is loosing muscle mass. He is getting thinner, though he eating hasn't changed. Following a heart bypass surgery about 2 months ago, he has been working out through therapy (weights & treadmill).
Should he start adding a protein drink to his diet in addition to food?

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  1. Michael P says:

    As we age, the body produces less of the hormone testosterone. This is the hormone primarily involved in the muscle building process. Your grandfather should minimize stress in his life. He needs to incorporate compound exercises in his training but only with his doctor's approval. Having a positive attitude, doing things he enjoys and adding a whey protein drink to get the extra calories he requires. There are plenty of good protein bars available. They are easy to take with you wherever you go. Eat more often, every few hours, is something bodybuilders do to increase body-weight and subsequent size. Smaller portions but more frequent will keep the insulin levels constant throughout the day.

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