How To Build Muscle (Muscle Building Tip)

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  1. My problem is i dont know what to do. Like, is doing bench press every workout a good idea? is training monday, wednesday and friday with the other days as rest days a good idea?

  2. kaseaustin says:

    just go to the gym work hard both cardio and weight lifting, eat well = lots of fruit veges meat and pasta, drink plenty of water and results will come, thats all there is to it dont know why everyone goes on bout the mumbo jumble science behind it aye

  3. willieofroanoke says:

    No such thing as “dry” muscle. Your muscles are made up of 70% water. Creatine causes muscle cells to expand. Aside from a slight visual pump is useful in that chemically muscle fibers are better able to work longer/harder due to their increased volume of sarcoplasmic fluid. This happens due to exercise REGARDLESS if you take Creatine or not. Creatine simply assists in that it helps muscle fiber retain sarcoplasmic fluid. BTW, I’ve never heard any claim they get “bloaded” from Creatine.

  4. The concept of dry muscle is that you don.t get that bloated feeling like when using creatine where the creatine causes a retention of water in the muscle”Dry” muscle is giving similar effect without the bloating.

  5. phillymacster says:

    brilliant! me too 🙂

  6. willieofroanoke says:

    Feeling fine and being “fine” are two different things. I’ll bet your pal Vince doesn’t have a medical degree or PhD in any medical or health related field. While pro bodybuilders can and do get down to around 4% BF for shows, they don’t stay there. If you do, very good chance your body is actually burning muscle if your caloric intake doesn’t meet day to day needs.

  7. Dude what you’re saying is total nonsense!!! Sure your body needs fat. But I’ve gotten down to 4% and below with Vince’s program and trust me I felt fine! Vince is the real deal, trust me he knows what he’s talking about 😉

  8. MrManSpike says:

    i agree

  9. bryanroyer says:

    umm no keep constant tension

  10. willieofroanoke says:

    Such foolish talk. There is no such thing as “dry” muscle. No doubt you got that from some clueless muscle head nut case flapping his gums. Like ALL tissues in your body at the cell level the human body is mostly liquid, like 70%. Surprise, 4% BF is way too low. Your body will first burn carbs for fuel, then fat, then in desperation to stay alive actually burn muscle. For mostly HEALTHLY males between 4-6% of your total BF is essential, and “padding” for joints and internal organs.

  11. bloodhoundgangjon says:

    0:51- 0:55 FAIL!!!

    go all the way down to the chest

  12. hi i weighed 120 last year and i weigh 141 this year with 4 % body fat how much natural dry muscle do you think i can gain by december 25 bc 4% is pretty low body fat and i was thinking that it would be easier to gain dry muscle but what do you think

  13. DJnaturalselecta says:

    scooby rules man gay as xmas but hey

  14. skateboardsteve409 says:

    pyramids good, what i was told to do,, is 12, 10 , 8til failure,, theres a fine line between cant lift cos its too heavy and cant lift because u cant be bothered, going gym is best thing ive done never looked back feel more better bout my self im more confident round woman too at clubs. best sport.

  15. uruguayvenenoso says:

    descargalo gratis muchacho ya esta gratis en internet vamo arriba

  16. dude im 5ft6 and i weigh 9.4stone man just take a protein high in calories and snack alot u soon should put on weight

  17. ignacioc9216 says:

    hola, vince, la pregunta es si podés subir los videos en español tambien??
    seria un gran favor que nos harias a muchas personas de habla hispana, que estan maravilladas con lo que haces

  18. hola soy de mexico soy de chiapas
    y estoy traumado…
    no suben mas mis barazos y no tengo lo suficiente para comprar tu producto
    q puedo hacer

  19. declanj46 says:

    i am realy skinny and iv been trying to put on weight for about two years now but its nt working every time i do i just lose it again im 15 im about 5ft 7 and a half and i keep changing from 7 nd a half stone to 8 stone i exercise and im nt unhealthy can you help!! (atm im 53kg bout a month ago i was 48 its wierd)

  20. llanero89 says:

    i might sound stupid, but if i dont ask, i started working a while ago but i dont get the sets thing, hows that of 4 sets of 12? 1 sets 12 reps? and a total of 48 reps? is that it for the day? thanks whoever answers

  21. what, I can’t hear you D. bag

  22. Screw this guy scooby helps you alot and its free this guys a tool out for some cash haha..

  23. foreverhung says:

    Pyramiding sounds good in theory, but doing 16 sets of the same exercise is just a waste of time. You only need to do 1-2 sets per muscle-group per workout for small-muscle groups (eg. biceps) and 2-4 sets per muscle-group per workout for large muscle groups (eg. upper legs). Workouts should consist of a total of 4-12 sets only.
    Vince DelMonte doesn’t have the knowledge. Sean Nalewanyj does. His e-course is heaps better.

  24. zezima361 says:

    yea lol

  25. bad sound!! cant here what you’re saying.. (I use a laptop, so I dont have the best sound but this is to low)

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