Muscle Building Workout For Upper Body – Part 2

Grab Your Muscle Building Workout Right Now Below: http This is the second of a 2 part upper body workout that myself and Lee Hayward did while we were on vacation down in Las Vegas. Lee goes through the exercises in this second part. We are doing 6 exercises in a circuit routine fashion and rotating through the circuit 4 times, increasing the weight by approximately 10 pounds each time. Exercise 1: Cable Chest Flys Exercise 2: Cable Back Face Pulls Exercise 3 …

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  1. pronation1 says:

    Hi, i’m 5’8 about 145 I was just wondering if anyone know a video that can show me a routine that can help me gain strength, i notice alot of guys around my height and weight feel stronger than me and they don’t even workout, i can feel there power when we play a sport, i been working out for about 15 weeks almost every weekday except weekends all i got is dumbells, my arms are getting bigger but i don’t feel stronger, i’m on a regular diet as i always ate, and taking no supplements help please

  2. rhettgates says:

    This was great shit watching that fat fuck Lee Hayward bust a move. Quick, send these guys your money!

    God bless internet marketing.

  3. yea no kidding i was really looking forward to hearin what was so funny… looks like a good workout btw, gotta love circuits

  4. yea no kidding i was really looking forward to findout what was so funny

  5. badchad33 says:

    i know huh. wtf vince?

  6. goanyways says:

    ‘ like awnoled says you got too feel da buuuuurn” hAHAHA

  7. xixtobxix says:

    think hes a powerlifter so he dosent care about weight , tho i might be wrong

  8. those shoes hm… I guess not the best for the gym

  9. crazymallu says:

    what happened to the funny story, that you promised during lee’s hanging leg raises?

  10. clgchance says:

    haha he looks like a buff stevo

  11. u guys r awesome

  12. hypnotik174 says:

    Good job, larger more serious steve’O

  13. kinda007a says:

    the shorter guy has more fat than muscles… just wasting his time… needs to do a lot of cardio… no offence.. thats my opinion

  14. samspringroyd says:

    what was th funny thing you was going to say??

  15. YoungJeezy333 says:

    yeah i love these videos too!

  16. so hot. i’d sure love to cut his cake.

  17. itschickenblender says:

    haha i remember that and its not grayden its connor

  18. I love ur mom’s sage too grayden.


  19. itschickenblender says:

    oh my god simon you love the guys in the videos :O

  20. IPukeOnNoobs says:

    whats the song in the background?

  21. is that Stevo from Jackass??

  22. Wow they really get everything out of the cable machine! Nice! 🙂

  23. leoliamll says:

    wo how big are lees calf muscles??

  24. StyrbjornStarke says:

    What was the funny thing you where gonna say?

  25. wat music is this at the end

    P.S. loving the videos guys.

    cool stuff

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