195. Weight Loss is Not Suffering

There is no need to sacrifice to lose weight.

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  1. getinfiteasily1 says:

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  2. getinfiteasily1 says:

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  3. BodyPerformanceTV says:

    Thank you!

  4. themole164 says:

    I like you.

    🙂 thanks for all the vids

  5. tiredamerican says:

    right on…calories in/calories out. Worked like a charm for me…just stay under 2000 calories a day. All the rest is…well you know.

  6. breakneck12 says:

    I posted here 7 months ago. I have lost 60 pounds now eating less and exercising just a little bit more than before.

    It’s so simple. I eliminated sugar as much as possible and strictly limited the white flour or breads I ate.

    I went from 200 pounds to 140 and now compete in mma at 145-150 class. I’m super strong coming down from 200 lbs and dominate. I’m in my off season so I’m back to 175 and I’m ripped. Way more than when I was 200 lbs and I’m stronger than I was at 200
    This is the way

  7. fullofstarlight says:

    this is true! i eat less and stay full longer after a few weeks. and i’m losing over a pound a week. (:

  8. BodyPerformanceTV says:


  9. Omegax9000 says:

    thanks for clearing it up

  10. JessBisme says:

    Yup, i agree with breakneck12. I’m suffering a little right now eating a lot less than i use to … but here in a couple weeks my stomach will shrink, and i’ll feel full eating a lot less… and thereby lose weight.

  11. chrissept21 says:

    plus if u bring carrots or something to work eat like 20 baby carrots its more filling then a chocolate bar and it makes you feel good

  12. bradby0185 says:

    lol you sound like some fat bitch. why would a young man not wanna be fit and healthy? why wouldnt anyone? and for the record like martial arts, exercising your body does exercise your soul, they go hand and hand, strong body creates a strong spirit, seems you dont exercise at all..bad roll model..yeh i guess kids shouldnt wanna exercise they have videogames, dumbass

  13. breakneck12 says:

    What I never hear people say when talking about weight loss is how your stomach will adjust to and get used to eating less. After about 2 weeks of eating way less than you used to, you will be fine and not be hungry and thus will lose weight all other things being equal.

  14. ScaperSteph says:

    I should add snack within reason. lol

    After a while people start to figure out that they can have tons of vegetables and fruits in place of a candy bar… but there’s nothing wrong with a chocolate bar every once in a while.

  15. ScaperSteph says:

    You’ve pretty just must described my year on weight watchers with this vid (I’ve lost 52 lbs).

    Never deprive yourself of goodies you enjoy, just eat less of it and move on.

  16. takkibakos says:

    You’re so narcissistic; obsessed with your own body. Just like every other bodybuilder you look like a gorilla. Extreme exercise made your body disproportional. Men like you mess up the world, because young boys think they should look muscular like you. You’re a very bad roll model for children. Have you ever exercised your soul? Where’s your soul?

  17. llJoannall says:

    great advice. 🙂

  18. zackingtv says:

    Excellent advice, thanks Steve.

  19. If people wanted to lose weight and they took this advice they would still be suffering

  20. might want to add that “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” good vids

  21. HotBoyLawson says:

    thanks you.

  22. You’re advice is really sound, I have seen a lot of you’re videos and agree with em all. Also about the diet thing, I do not believe in diets. If diets really worked, we would not have 20000 of them. It all comes down to how many calories you eat, as you have said 🙂

  23. This was very inspirational and uplifting, I may incorporate some of this into my fitness competion

    Thanks for this

  24. cedarpose says:

    really good advice as always

  25. search mass building sins on google and it should be the first thing to come up its a report by jason ferruggia on what people are doing wrong cheating them from gaining muscle

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