Muscle Building Workout For Stronger and Bigger Legs

Grab Your Muscle Building Workout Right Now Below: http This is a leg and core workout that myself and Lee Hayward did while we were on vacation down in Las Vegas. Lee did some Zercher Squats with the barbell held in his arms as well as some stiff leg deadlifts. I did some squat rows and rotation twists to really work the legs, core, and get some total body functionality work in there. For more workouts like this check out my No-Non-sense Muscle Building Program …

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  1. TheLionKing527 says:

    any calves superset to grow them????? thanks nine vid…

  2. aldahoodboy says:

    yee from t dot, thats what im saying!

  3. The single legged squats are a great exercise! I do them with 2-65lb DB’s after heavy BB squats, so the cable variation is a good alternative.

  4. Thanks for the idea with the cable machine. Helps when all the damn weights are gone and the weights are is packed. Good job guys.

  5. YoungJeezy333 says:

    haha vince getting checked out :p
    vince delmonte for ever!

  6. At Fabio2324, with the ‘FIRST’ stupidity.

  7. hardgainer080 says:


  8. hardgainer080 says:


  9. Is that Stevo from Jackass??

  10. RugbyRules999 says:

    6:46 the girls are checking out vince’s butt XD

  11. TheSkylie says:

    Ohh, my bad. Sorry 🙂

  12. Garrett1240 says:

    I’m talking about lee hayward.

  13. Good boys. Don’t gamble. Enjoy the area instead and keep it tight!

  14. TheSkylie says:

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t walk around that ripped. That’s competition level physique. He probably walks around at what he’s at in this video, but he knows how to crank it up to be more toned and defined in a set amount of time to get a competition level, or modeling job.

  15. DONNYBOYY28 says:

    hahahha yup i noticed the same thing….dont wanna make any gains…lol

  16. 2:40 numbnuts says no reason to progress when you take time off.


  17. Correction, most guido’s hate training legs.

  18. Garrett1240 says:

    it’s all muscle, look at the cover of his book. he has a eight-pack.

  19. He’s muscular but powerlifters don’t worry about how their bodies look, its more about strength

  20. paintballer1141995 says:

    is lee fat or just that muscular?

  21. DRsegueta says:

    Doing in this at the gym tomorrow. Tomorrow is a leg day so i will do this plus some other workout in my routine.


  22. stvna8040 says:

    perhaps you could have a threesome?

  23. maicongphuc says:

    oh my gosh!
    i wanna fuck both of you in the ass!
    you guys are just damn hot!
    Vince, i have to tell you that you’re ass is awesome and i just wanna penetrate it with my thick juicy dick!
    oh yeah!

  24. Legs are hard to train but like the man said have to be done good video guys.

  25. eireboy17 says:

    the guy providing ‘entertainment’ in the background is a dick

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