Muscle Building: How To Decide On The Best Workout For An Ectomorph Body Type

Consistency is key when it comes to building muscle and choosing the best workout for an ectomorph. However, your workouts aren’t always going to be the same. As you change and see results, your workouts should progress.

It’s great to be dedicated to the cause of gaining weight even though you know you’re a hard gainer and will find your path to greater muscle mass difficult. However, the one common problem that most ectomorphs face as they begin the ectomorph weight training routine is that they over train which leads to unnecessary and potentially damaging muscle stress.

If you play the work smart role and not the work hard role that most hard gainers play in the gym the odds of you seeing lasting results are much higher. Since most hard gainers don’t see results in the first couple weeks they tend to train even harder to get the results, which has an adverse effect on the body by not getting you the results at all.

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid common problems that often impact beginning ectomorph training programs.

1) Always warm up the muscle groups you’re working the day before diving into more strenuous exercises. Warming up can prevent excessive muscle strain that is par for the course when exercising cold muscles. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do a few warm up reps but it does take a long time to recover from the muscle strain that can happen without them.

2) Don’t overlook the importance of cardiovascular training. Most people associate this with losing weight but the benefit for hard gainers is that building endurance with year-round cardio is that you’re able to burn fat at rest. This means that the weight you gain will be the lean muscle mass ectomorphs are aiming for.

3rd, make sure on days that you life heavy that you allow yourself to rest longer between sets. Lifting heavy is very taxing on the nervous system to taking 60-90 seconds rest between sets will help you recover.

4) Make ectomorph strength training sessions brief but have them often. Short sessions that provide high intensity and extremely targeted workouts work best.

Each ectomorph body type is similar, yet different. Make sure that the best workout for you as an ectomorph involves tailoring it to your goals. Eating meals five to six times per day that include complex carbs, low sugar fruit, leafy green veggies, and lean proteins will help fuel your body properly and build that lean muscle.

If you continue to incorporate these tips into your workout you’ll see real results in the mirror over time that are sure to please. You will have to do some things that others aren’t willing to do. When you do these, you’ll also get what they won’t.

Discover how to gain weight as an ectomorph and what you’ll need to focus on when it comes to working out and eating to build ripped muscles.

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