Muscle Building Workout For Bigger, Rounder Biceps

Grab Your Muscle Building Workout Right Now at http Lee Hayward and Vince DelMonte doing a “Las Vegas Pre-Club” Bigger Bicep Arm Workout Using Positions Of Flexion style of training. We start with Standing Bicep Curls, then Incline Bench Bicep Curls, and finish up with Concentration Curls. Each exercise is done for 4 sets 12-10-8-6 reps. With about 30-60 seconds rest between sets. Pyramid up in weight with each set by increasing the dumbbells by 5 pounds and …

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  1. fleury1991 says:

    But he started with 40’s and you increase by 5 each time, eventually he would be doing 55

  2. rowandoolaard says:

    lol muscly steve o

  3. fesabililah says:

    the elbows should stay in the same position for better results. he was swinging his arms too much

  4. hello lads!

  5. nietzostoer says:

    that guy looks like Steve-O

  6. Live2Die92 says:

    well you probaly training realy wrong.. or good job..

  7. mypotty290 says:

    Im 15 and i lift 40s…hahah

  8. Weezyfan82 says:

    he’s swinging the bells adding stress to his back.

  9. pecsinassimetryxD says:

    so we have to swing ourback when doing this? i think you guys are doing it

  10. WasGibtsLeute says:

    Why did fitnessvip delet his account?

  11. espadaNo2 says:

    dude keep it straight

  12. Devilsplaymate0 says:

    hahahaah cool converse man, nice video too

  13. xXSxKxYxLxIxNxEXx says:

    dats da dumbeelsss dey hav at my ymca lol

  14. nielsation says:

    dont do the excersise at 6:36 to much beacuase it alwo trains your lower arm muscles, but these are trained allready in nearly anything of workouts so you could rip them easily with doing to much of this

  15. andyatuvic says:

    slow. the. fuck. down.

  16. STiTypeUK says:

    too much swinging..

  17. STiTypeUK says:

    yes, a set is a certain amount of reps.

    x repetitions = 1 set

    4 sets = x repetitions 4 times (separated though, not all at once.. take 1min in between)

  18. u guyz are sickk

  19. skullSV1000 says:

    wow a bigger arm video by the little arm crew. dude if you are wanting bigger arms you need to slow down.

  20. pkhamidar2com says:

    depends, what i do is that i cant be bothered to change the weights and add pounhds cos im lazy and i cba to unscre and everything so what i do is i do 15 reps, then wait 30 secs, then do 20 reps, wait 30 secs, 25, wait 30 secs, 30, waith 30 secs, and thats your 40 sets for ya

  21. XxTmac090xX says:

    thank you for putting this up but im confused about the reaping

  22. 2paclegend123 says:

    when its 4 sets does taht meen u do 12 4 times
    then 10 4 times so on? or is it just 12 10 8 6?
    pls help 😀

  23. gym without a barbell thats a first

  24. twentydollarbill20 says:

    Cool vid…i have better workout methods but this is pretty hard to do without rest. i do em with 25-40. Not much weight, but you dont want much weight, u want enough weight to do lots of reps and struggle get a really nice burn.

  25. NoTaTtHiScHoOl says:

    wtf chucks to work out

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