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  1. justdoit55 says:


    Of course you can

    Thanks for the support

  2. justdoit55 says:


    For scientific merit have a look on the internet, search for Acid Alkaline diet or read up on Robert O. Young.

    He has got some amazing results with people.

    This is simply telling people why eating greens is so good and what it does to our body, it’s not a new science or new miracle finding.

    And sorry for the spelling mistakes, I noticed but it was too late, video already uploaded.

    Thank you so much for the comment

  3. katymaymackay says:

    Hmmm… a few spelling errors. How do I know this has scientific merit?

  4. justdoit55 says:

    Hello there.

    Green drinks usually come in powder form and you put approx. 1 teaspoon of Green drink in a glass of water.

    The GD Powder often has the most powerful plant, grass & veggie extracts like Wheatgrass, Broccolli, Barley, Kelp, etc.

    I used to sell Kyo Green because it is the best allrounder for taste and ingredients (in my opinion), but there are so many on the market.

    If you want some more info on then message me, I no longer sell products but can offer some free advice.

  5. rockrockrob says:

    plz tell me in detail wht r green drinks? r thy vegetables?
    plz i need help wht shud i do im 24year old and overweight..
    i started gym plus aerobix whn i ws 160 pounds bt due to sum reason i ws not able to continue so i left it but now ive gained weight double then before in a year (190 pounds nw) im realy upset wht shud i do to loose quickly ? i dont eat alot stil gaing weight dont knw why ive lot of tendency to gain
    i feel very lazy mostly as i dont hav any energy…
    plz help wht shud i do

  6. I was also very shocked when I saw the part about cancer cells going into dormancy at 7.4 pH. It makes sense now thinking about it, but everyone SHOULD see this video. I’m going to make a veggie smoothie right away, with plenty of greens.

    Thanks for sharing. Much appreciated!


  7. LifeInFastLane101 says:

    Interesting video. I will definitely study up more on this subject.

  8. richardmoores says:

    Also, drink a glass of baking soda water (bi carbinate of soda) before bed, as this is alkaline. However, it does taste horrible.

  9. what a blessing this vid has been for me

  10. radiolies says:

    …our body has evolved sufficiently. It’s only with the recent industrialization of food that we see this giant spike of health maladies. And to consider the industrial food in an evolutionary sense, it’s as obvious as watching us pour poison down our throats, and culturally and politically we’ve managed to make a whole-food diet too expensive for the lower class who now make up most of the population.

  11. radiolies says:

    While I appreciate this video, it treats pH balance as the primary problem with our diet. pH imbalance is one cause out of many that can lead to symptoms associated with our “Western” diet. Our body has adapted fairly well to our evolutionary environment. Whether it’s consuming grassfed animals, or the introduction of whole grains and cereals grown in natural soils, or our breeding and domesticating of otherwise poisonous plants (nightshade family i.e. potatoes, tomatoes, peppers) …

  12. crystalgrace111 says:

    this is such a good video! thank you…i am already a raw fooder but it’s great to know that this info is spreading. Joy to you!

  13. pHionBalance says:

    Nice presentation 🙂 Good work!

  14. jayjaygeebee says:

    Is it possible to eat a normal diet and become more alkaline by drinking green drinks and ph drops in water? I eat reasonably healthy and don’t want to change my diet, but could add these in my diet

  15. jayjaygeebee says:

    Hello, can supplementing with green drinks make you more alkaline or do you have to change ur whole diet? If i ate a reasonably healthy diet, how much green drink would i need to be alkaline

  16. richardmoores says:

    Yep, when you want to lose fat, don’t think of cutting calories or cutting out meat, change your food to a natural alkalizing diet, and eat as much of that as you need. You’ll soon be more energized than you can remember being, and the fat will melt off, and you’ll feel fantastic in the meantime! It’s a win win win situation!

  17. Skullhunterlol says:

    Amazing video! Opening eyes for a better lifestyle. Very informative and simple to understand.Thank you very much.

  18. phitnessjim says:

    Because then “they” could not sell you the prescription and over-the-counter drugs to “cure” the symptoms you will have from the Acidosis. And the Truth shall set you FREE!

  19. samehgroup says:

    very informative

  20. DigitalMortician777 says:

    Thank you so much for this vid, it’s a real eye-opener. I was shocked when I saw the part about cancer cells going into dormancy at 7.4 pH. Why doesn’t anyone know this?!
    Thanks again!

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