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  1. cool dog

  2. lolshitty says:

    you have downsyndrome you useless fuck, you fail at life, and you’re fucking retarded, stop crying about how gay you are irl and go kill yourself you useless iraqi fuck

  3. tbarragan29 says:

    ever hear of mark rippitoe? Look him up, he’s a consultant for crossfit and trains many olympic lifters.

  4. tbarragan29 says:

    Go to their website, lots of tutorial videos on all their workouts. Best thing ever. No trainer needed. Very little is needed. Hell, you can do half this stuff at a playground.

  5. surferdude66066 says:

    How do I do crossfit? Can I do it myself or do I need a trainer or something? I’m getting ready for the Navy SEALs next year.

  6. jescoramone says:

    Update, I checked and there are no crossfit gyms in Bolivia… Nice to see so many informed opinions here…

  7. jescoramone says:

    Wow, this rockad1054 is a pretty cool dude! *sarcasm* People of the internet, this is what a troll looks like. I have a challenge for you rockad1054, go to the south american crossfit qualifiers (I see you’re from Bolivia). Since there’s only like two crossfit gyms in south america you should qualify easy. Get your free ticket to the states and show us what’s up… seriously, please?

  8. Ithinkalone says:

    its a real workout, i dont think anyone can knock it”repackaged the wheel” if the us navy seals are doing it, then there has to be some credulity to it. “re-packaged the wheel” jerk!
    i started doing cross fit, and its really amped up my level of fitness,thats for sure!!
    the issue for myself became whats the piont of having power if i can only put out for a short period
    since crossfit my endurance just keeps going up
    and i still have power,no hulk,but more than the average dude..guaranteed!!!

  9. If You think the 300 workout is easy, try this one on for size.

  10. vSupermanv says:

    no it doesnt…it means hes calling that dude a fag

  11. Someone’s a little bi-curious!

  12. What’s wrong with being a fag?

    You do realize that this only indicates your own insecurity with your sexuality, right?

  13. browtineshunter says:

    i remeber this work out…..brutal

  14. Blackthorne5150 says:

    phatneazy is fail.

    Still no video eh?


  15. kostar500 says:


  16. Sylvarius111 says:

    crossfit is on a whole nother level compared to p90x, but if it gets you off the couch, cool.

  17. rockad1054 says:

    Yeah, go ahead and claim BJ Penn as your poster boy. I’m sure crossfit got him to where he is today. Not.

  18. rockad1054 says:

    I’d like to see where you found your info. Olympic athletes choose crossfit more than any other program? HAHAHAHA! They have the best trainers and coaches around; they’re not going to waste their time with crossfit. Crossfit simply recreated the wheel and packaged it up all nice and good. Now you shmucks are paying $1K to learn about sh*t that kids have been doing to prep themselves for wrestling for years.
    Get me your email address.

  19. More olympic athletes choose crossfit than any other training regimen, ever hear of BJ Penn? Navy SEALs? USMC? All crossfit… yes I can secede that there are a lot of blind followers, but their training ideals beats out all in complete comprehensive fitness. Probably because their training style has been used by top athletes for years….and crossfit popularized/expanded it.
    I want to see a TGU from you. Oh, sorry, you had to look that up bitch. Tell me where you’re at, we’ll find a gym for ya

  20. He’s just a bitch.

  21. BuckeyeSparky says:

    this looks like it would put p90x to shame

  22. nednugent says:

    rockad1054 – I imagine we’ll be seeing you at the Crossfit games running circles around all the lame Crossfit athletes, right? Put up or shut up tool.

  23. you tell em 1054, your the boy alrigt. you can do 55lbs swings, omg what are you a pencil neck geek, dude if thats all you got i would not post cause it makes you sound like a real pussy. . . Also i didnt even notice they had there shirts off till i read your post. . Are you comming outta the closet here on youtube?

  24. rockad1054 says:

    Wow, I don’t even get off my fat ass? Yup, I’m a fat ass bitch that can consistently do 40+ sets of cindy, chelsea +5 for 30 minutes (plus 10 bonus minutes of more pull ups, push ups and squats) and hit 1000 on the lame cf total without even doing military presses. soooo…. I don’t think I’m the fat one here.

  25. imsojaded0 says:

    i think this rockad1054 dude is a little bitch. He probably doesnt even get off his fat ass to do any workouts so he just watched youtube videos and talks shit. Anyone else agree?

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