Arm Muscle Exercises : How to do Hammer Bicep Curl Arm Exercises

Learn the arm-exercising technique of bicep hammer curls from our arm exercise expert in thisfree instructional video clip. Expert: Manny Castro Bio: Manny Castro received his BS in Health Education/ Exercise Physiology and Ahtletic Training from Florida International University, and completed several internships in cardiac rehab, and strength and Filmmaker: Manuel Castro

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  1. if u use lighter weights with high reps would ur arm get bigger and defined? or is it faster just to use like heavy weights with less reps?

  2. greymilton says:

    So what would people recommend here… would you curl both arms at the same time, or do alternate curls?

  3. it’s an awesome exercise !

  4. Spectre426 says:

    He’s only lifting 20’s for the demonstration, pretty much guarantee he could launch them through the far wall if he wanted to.

  5. boxinabag says:

    OK Liameya2006, you can believe what you want, your more than welcome to, but when working to isolate a muscle you want to have speed during the rep and you want to stabilize the weight as you go down. Trying to throw it up because it is heavy is a dangerous way to think about it, you than start using your body to drive the weight and can cause more damage, what you say is garbage is actually the word of a college football trainer with a masters degree, I think I trust him over you and this guy

  6. liameya2006 says:

    boxinabag, dude.. your chattin garbage ther pal, you feel strain when you lift it up slowly, you wont see better results if you bring it up fast ad go down slow, you bring up slow and down slow. Sorry to break the ice to you dude but if you bring it up slow its alot harder and strains more tearing your muscle. People lift weights up fast when ther too heavy because lifting slow is harder. Thats why they practically ‘throw’ the weight up to their shoulders.

  7. boxinabag says:

    This information is not correct, when going up you want to attempt to bring the wieght up as fast as possible, you sould feel strain and resistance. It should only take 1-1.5 seconds to get the weight up, you dont want to THROW it up, but bring it up fast, and than bring it down SLOWLY, doing a count to 2-3 seconds. You will see better results this way and you will feel it much more and gain muscle faster.

  8. vijanatrix says:

    shutup cunt, bet u would fuckin struggle to do that

  9. Swagg4000 says:

    lmao…small ass 20lbs

  10. JacobBoddington says:

    i thought you turn it as you go up

  11. JacobBoddington says:

    just keep at it bro. you will feel result in a few weeks.

  12. JacobBoddington says:


  13. onegraham says:

    Milk is just as good as protein shakes, you just have to drink a lot more of it and it has (a lot) more fat.

  14. ballarz23 says:

    ha he is only lifting 20 lbs

  15. AashiquiTheri says:

    Man that whacking off must be real good with arms THAT big…

  16. AashiquiTheri says:


    My elbows used to click as well. What you have is a rotator cuff problem, with elbows and shoulders, so to solve that you want to do very specific exercises with light weights (around 5 lbs) which target and work out that problem. I can’t remember what the exercises were exactly, but google it and you should find some. In my case, I got over the issue as soon as I started boxing classes.

  17. Frankthetank915 says:


  18. BillyBobTS says:

    you also sound like a major douchebag, grats.

  19. Tennessee623 says:

    man that is nothing, i know kids that have arms over 20″ and they are 16!!! And 14 1/2 is nothing to be bragging about. measure your girlfriends arms and dont be surprised to find out that her arms will probably be only 2″ smaller than yours

  20. marcus38447226 says:

    look mate, im not goin to be mean to you because your obviously young, im only one year older, but you have to understand that not everybody who works out wants to look like arnie, for some (in fact many) its about health, fitness, and looking sexy…and i hope your not that arrogant in real life, or your gonna get your teeth kicked in as soon as your old enough to go out a bar…

  21. henryamin says:

    milk? u r going no where…but how many protein u should drink will depends of your work out, to see your improvements will also depends of your workout and your nutrition, i recommend u to go natural all the way it will take longer but healthier don’t be impatient

  22. soccerkillz7 says:

    jimjemrules dont watch the video then, or atleast stop bitching hes showing us technique and whether your curling 5 pounds or 50 pounds its the same

  23. baseballkid2434 says:

    I just started working out, and i am wondering do i need to drink protein shakes to get big, because i drink milk before and after workout, also how long does it take to start to show improvements?

  24. my elbow clicks when i do push ups. i heard this exercise helps stop that. and thoughts?

  25. solpapisolmook says:

    So fuck off then. Idiot.

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