Eliminate belly fat for ever


Belly is one of the most preferred fat storage areas for our bodies.


 Since we know that local fat loss – spot fat reduction- is impossible ,to lose belly fat we will have to lower our body fat percentage or in other words we will need to improve our body composition.


 This effort should be supported on 3 pillars(a 4th might be our mental virtues)


 -a sound and supportive nutrition plan


 –aerobic activities of medium/high intensity to help us shed the fat


 –weight training to help us preserve our muscle mass and keep our metabolism permanently elevated


 We should use a combination of physical exersise and a diet regime.


 To proceed only with a restrictive diet is not a clever strategy for the following reasons:


 1. The caloric reduction should be quite severe and practically difficult to follow for a long time.


2. We are going to lose a lot of valuable muscle mass and this is the last thing we need.What we really need is to improve our body composition by burning/losing fat and maintaining or- even better- increasing our precious muscle mass.


3. Our bodies will interpret this severe caloric resriction as a real menace for their existence and they will try to react by reducing our metabolic rate and by activating our fat storage mechanisms.


These are very undesirable consequences indeed and will raise serious obstacles towards the completion of our mission.


General tips on nutrition


1. First thing ,you will need to create a mild caloric deficit of let’s say round 300cal/day.For this reason you will need to count calories- something I personally detest! However there is no other way in this phase. Later,and as you gain control you will be in the position to stop this boring to death task.


 2. Second you will need to preserve your muscle mass. To achieve this you will need to get 1.5-2gr of first quality protein per kg of weight. And this must come from real,unprocessed foods.No supplements,no nothing!Just plain,good food.


 3. Finally you will need to support your immune system in this phase. Consequently you will need big quantities of micronutrients.You should eat only the most nutritionally dense foods and forget every type of junk food.


 Tips about effective workouts


1. Depending on your level of fitness you should exercise at the maximum intensity you can comfortably tolerate.
2. You will need both strength training and an aerobic activity.


Do prefer free weights and try to execute only compound,multijoint exercises at an adequate intensity and with the right technique.
3. Five short, mixed- type workouts per week are advisable.They should last about 30-35′ and burn about 400-450 cal each.
I like very much total bodyweight workouts,HIIT and sprints.I have found them to be the best investment for my limited workout time.


Follow the above instructions and watch your belly fat vanishing!


 Chris Strogilis




Civil engineer with postgraduate studies in MBA and Marketing.
[email protected]

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