Make your hair grow faster

It never fails. At some point in our lives, virtually every one of us ponders some mystical drug or remedy for some random affliction. Maybe the affliction is severe like cancer, and maybe it’s more of a cosmetic issue such as hair loss. Either way, we’d love to just be able to pull a serum out of a magic hat and SHAZAM. No more problem. Unfortunately the real world doesn’t work that way. In this chaotic, hard and less than utopian existence we all know too well, ideal remedies are difficult to come by. So for all you folks who want to make your hair grow faster, increase your height by 6 inches, or heighten brain power times 50, I’ve got some dismal news for you. The world wasn’t made that way.

I realize you’ve probably heard a thing or two about hair growth. Well, let me clear the air for you. You can’t magically make your hair grow faster. It doesn’t matter if you whip up some bizarre concoction in your kitchen with 10 different herbs and spices. Slapping that goop on your dew isn’t going to change much. Well, except for maybe your odor. Then there are the various supplements you can purchase now days that claim to make your hair grow faster. Negative on that one as well! Granted, they may improve the texture of your follicles, but it’s extremely doubtful that they’ll increase the growth rate. In real life our hair tends to grow about one half inch every month. This is standard stuff. I learned it from a college biology professor, but you could probably get the same information from your hair stylist.

Just because you can’t make your hair grow faster, doesn’t mean you cannot improve your dew. There are ways to better your hair quality and the way it styles. One of these natural remedies concerns your diet. Eating healthy and getting plenty of rest will improve your hair. Also, what products you use on your dew can make a difference. Try to avoid harsh dyes and chemicals. Moreover, steer clear of extreme heat from hair driers and flat irons. These grooming tools will make your hair dry and brittle. So, just because you can’t make your hair grow faster, doesn’t mean you can’t look great. Take care of your hair and it will do right by you as well.

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