Reasons For Visiting A San Francisco Fertility Clinic

Sometimes it can take much longer than expected to become pregnant. For some people they may feel like it will never happen for them. There can often be medical reasons for two people finding it hard to conceive a child and it is important that they see a specialist to test for any problems there may be. This can be done at the San Francisco fertility clinic.

The fertility of you and your partner will determine how easily you will fall pregnant. Both men and women can suffer problems that will make conceiving a child more difficult. A big factor can be the age of the couple. Men are technically able to produce children their whole lives while women only have a limited natural time, usually between the ages of about eleven and fifty, in line with the start of menstruation and the onset of the menopause.

While a woman can conceive naturally up until the time she stops producing eggs, the probability of this happening reduces quite quickly after the age of thirty five. The most fertile time for a woman is usually during her twenties. A baby born at this time of life is less likely to have complications or health problems than a baby born to an older lady.

Although men can technically have children at any age after puberty, the sperm rate and quality does reduce with age, decreasing the chances of conception. In general, the best rate and quality of sperm is produced between the ages of twenty and fifty, although this can vary considerably between men and can be dependant on a number of outside factors.

Do not automatically worry when you have been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months, as it does not always happen straight away. Should you be less than thirty five years old keep trying for twelve months before visiting a doctor, but those that are older should not wait longer than six months to make sure that there is plenty of time available for treatment.

If you are concerned about your chances of having a baby visit the San Francisco fertility clinic. They will be able to perform the necessary tests and provide you with any treatment that could help your situation.

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