Is Weight Loss Merely A Mind Game?

There was this lady who heard on the television about how it was possible to think yourself slim and thought it to be a load of rubbish regarding weight loss. So Is Weight Loss Merely A Mind Game? She wondered. And she thought of it as just rubbish and quickly dispensed with the thought.

But then out of the blue, someone she knew called her and told her that she had lost three stone and she said she owed it all to a book that she read about Goal Mapping and visualizing yourself being smaller. She was even featured in a couple of fast weight loss magazines because of it.

It is that said that weight loss is 50% physical and 50% mental. And that a person can eat a healthy diet and exercise rigorously, but beyond that…it’s all in the mind.

Good weight loss tips…You need to have the right mindset because this is what can spell the big difference between success and failure.  It is true, of course that some of that is hormonal, and some of that is just believing in yourself.

So would that be  something like if you are a size 16, but you want to be a size 12, you have to start thinking of yourself as a size 12 – and that includes eating the kind of portions that a size 12 would eat?

Possible? Why not?  Point being, if you apply your mind to something, your mind can do anything. They key factor here lies in knowing that you really want do it. And make sure you will ensure that you keep doing it, even through the hard times….The times when you don’t believe that you can accomplish what you set out to do. That’s the important part here. Never falter on your goal here.

Why it is even believed that drinking oil from the skin of certain reptiles can also help a person lose weight.  Fact, rumor or natural weight loss?

But let’s get back to that book on Goal Mapping. Some pretty interesting stuff there.  Like for instance, about how what we think triggers a process in our subconscious mind which then results in us taking that action. Which would thereby imply that, if we are always thinking “mustn’t eat chocolate”, we send our subconscious a thought of us “eating chocolate” and we end up craving chocolate and then… then eating it!!!!

Perhaps the real key here lies in Visualization. Visualization is a useful technique and it is believed that practically all highly successful sprinters (Olympic-level athletes) visualize crossing the goal line first. While most of us fantasize about winning a race, the sprinters are absolutely convinced they will win. And one of them is usually right.

The point being: if you can imagine it and visualize it perhaps your goal will become a reality.

Visualizing a healthy weight loss perhaps?

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