Atkins Diet Misconceptions: Simply water weight loss?

In this video of the Atkins Diet Misconceptions series, I deal with the myth that Atkineers simply lose water weight. To some, the Atkins Diet is simply a trip to the sauna nothing more or less. ( As with any other “Big Lie,” it of coruse starts with the truth and departs rapidly from it. * * Composition of weight lost during short-term weight reduction. Metabolic responses of obese subjects to starvation and low-calorie ketogenic and nonketogenic …

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  1. Ramshobraja says:

    KISS. If it works for you, then keep at it. Folks ask waaaay too many questions before they actually try something. There is no way that one month of atkins is harmful to your health. Try it out, if it works good. If not, then maybe low GI or something else.

  2. GabriKnight says:

    ” Did I really just lose 25.3 gallons of water? Was I the equivalent of a camel? ”

    Halarious! No way to argue with such statistics, lol.

  3. goddessnadiya says:

    congratulations! That’s fabulous!

  4. groovenics says:

    I lost 90 lbs in 6 months on the atkins diet. Went from 280lbs to 190 lbs and maintained all of my muscle. I have kept it off for 7 years today I weighed 188. So to the naysayers I would like to say keep being fat and posting negative comments about this diet, while everyone else loses weight and gets happy.

  5. fleurdelaurier says:

    it’s like fasting in fact but in the atkins diet you eat proteins to maintain muscle mass if i understand…

  6. No 211 pounds of body weight… Are you simply interested in losing water weight?

    If so, this is not the diet for you. If you are rather interested in losing fat tissue (which obviously contains water), the Atkins or ketogenic diet in general promotes the most fat vs. lean muscle possible. Water weight loss through diuretics is only temporary.

  7. shawnlaurence53 says:

    you lost 211 of water weight?

  8. I lost 211 pounds on Atkins.

  9. shawnlaurence53 says:

    ok and can u lose more than 10lbs doing this?can u lose like 20

  10. I am saying that the initial water weight loss (5 lbs) is neutral on Atkins. It is tied to the glycogen in the muscles, so if you refeed the glycogen, the water weight will return. If you stay low carb, the water will stay off.

  11. shawnlaurence53 says:

    so your saying water weight is bad? or good? because i herd u can lose 10lbs of water weight in a week if u drink a half a gallon a day? is that true and will it stay or just come back once u stop drinking a half of gallon water?

  12. Sorry never been a believer of the Splenda conspiracy. If you see negative reactions, stop taking it — people have negative reactions to a lot of things peanuts, eggs, wheat, corn, etc. I personally have never had an issue, but then again I only have maybe at most 7 servings a WEEK.

  13. aboss115music says:

    dont eat splenda- try using stevia or raw agave nectar

  14. In between 2000-3000 Calories depending if I am training for a marathon or not.

  15. MisterQuebec says:

    How many calories in average do you take in each day, Bowulf?

  16. I said the same thing,but their statement or implication is that you ONLY lose water.

    As for Calorie is a Calorie, I have problems with that as studies have shown differing losses depending on quality and type of food contrarily to the amount of Calories. As for moderation being the answer, I am sure it works for some. It required a life change for me, and personally I am not sure there is any healthy amount of glazed donuts or HFCS.

    With Atkins, I get all the healthy foods and exercise too.

  17. Okay, I would say that the PETA people are being deceptive, but what they say is true. The FIRST few pounds you loose on low-carb diets is going to be water, but after that it burns fat.
    HOWEVER a calorie is a calorie. If you burn it, its burned. I was on Atkins diet for a little while, and I think I lost weight due to the fact that I was eating less food (cuz it gave me stomach ache). I quit the diet because moderation with MOAR EXERCISE is likely to be more healthy.

  18. Google “Tim Hortons Nutrition Calculator” and you should be able to find what your answer is.

  19. JafarSheikh says:

    i really love tim hortons coffee but i dont know if it has carbs can you tell me what i should order this is what i like – 1 large coffee with splenda and cream?
    thoughts >

  20. WOW!… 211 lbs of water… THATS CRAZY DUDE!… Low-Carb works. Give up the fight and do it right! Low-Carb It! (my slogan) LOL

  21. maskedmillionaire says:

    EVEN IF you just lost water, you look great. Good job.

  22. Yep for me the healthy breakfast is more chicken fajita taco salad or a stir fry — lots of veggies and meat. Everyone is different in terms of weight loss. You just have to find out what works for you long term since only long term changes bring long term results.

  23. LifeInFastLane101 says:

    Sorry that’s a typo. I meant *results* lol.

  24. LifeInFastLane101 says:

    A half a grapefruit or maybe oatmeal and/or an apple is what I consider a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast is important, and my sister believes that too, but she is producing more resluts than me. I’m going to keep trying hough. Thanks you for the encouragement.

  25. I would dispute there is a difference “healthy” nature of our breakfast options, but I still wish you the best with your weight loss plans. Congrats to your sister.

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