How To Build Six Pack Abs In Minimal Time

In this day and age, everybody is looking for the fastest way to do everything. We’re sure you have already seen the type of adverts which claim to tell you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes and other big claims. Whether you’re trying to learn how to lose weight or you want to build some muscle, fitness is one area in which people are continuously looking for a quick fix.

That’s not to say you cannot achieve fast results, though.

See how to get a six pack in 3 minutes with today\’s quick workout.

When it comes to training your midsection there is a wealth of misinformation which tends to serve very little purpose, other than holding people back. Most people find it difficult to focus on something when they have five other sources telling them to do things differently. This is a common problem in the fitness industry, leading many people to quit on themselves due to frustration.

While you could have one instructor telling you that some people just can’t develop their abs and another one telling you the opposite, or a fit friend advising you that you need to eat the latest supplements while your work colleagues tell you to avoid them like the plague, the truth is there is not just one way to get fit. There is not just one correct method of working out. Even in today’s health and fitness landscape, where things are becoming more scientific by the hour, lots of it still comes down to trial and error.

That is, until you get down to the basics, which is what we are going to do with you today.

Due to the high intensity of today’s workout routine you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking you’ve found an easy quick fix solution. You’ll earn your results, that’s for sure. Three minutes may seem like nothing right now, but it is a long time when you are working at a high intensity.

* Mountain Climbers

* Crunches with knees at ninety degrees

* Elevated Plank

In this workout each move is performed for 30 seconds, meaning each full round will take just a minute and a half to complete. The idea is to minimize rest, focusing on high intensity. Three minutes will allow you to complete two full laps of this circuit. If you wish to push for a third you can do so providing your current fitness level allows you to do so. Even with the addition of an extra round, the full workout is over within four and a half minutes!

So, in a world where you often hear of people doing 2500 crunches per day, why is this very short session so effective? There are four main reasons why, here they are:

* By learning how to train with no equipment you unlock all kinds of new workout opportunities.

* By keeping the session time very low, you can literally fit this into your lunch break if you need to.

* If fat loss is your goal the high intensity exercise is excellent. By elevating your heart rate you’ll be able to work harder and faster. Plus, your metabolism will be kick-started for the next 16 hours, which means you’ll burn calories at an increased level for the rest of the day following this short burst of activity.

* While most people enjoy pushing themselves with cardiovascular training or trying to beat personal best’s on weights, few people have anything to strive for while hitting their midsection. There’s no challenge. The challenge is what’s going to push you to new results.

If you’ve been lost with your fitness, don’t worry because you’re not alone. It would be quite safe to wage a bet that most people in your local gym don’t really know how to lose weight despite training regularly for years, such is the confusion regarding health and fitness. Providing you combine this information with a sensible diet, learning how to get a six pack in 3 minutes doesn’t seem impossible.

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