Casein Protein Powder Facts for Muscle Building

If you are looking for your first or thousandth protein powder, there is a good chance that you will lean towards using whey protein. But, why is this? Why don’t people choose casein protein instead of whey? Generally speaking, casein protein is cheaper and tastes better. So, why is it that casein can’t take the reigns as the number one protein powder? We will examine this strange dynamic by giving answers that come from the bodybuilding world.

The first thing you should know is why Casein is considered a lesser protein to whey. When it comes to casein, the problem with this protein isn’t the amount of protein available, instead it is based on the digestibility of the protein that you take in. Casein protein is harder to digest than other versions of protein for most people. Also, the amino acids found in this type of protein tend to be comparatively lacking. This is like getting half proteins versus full proteins. Who wants that?

If you are in the process of wanting the best protein available, you should look towards whey protein. Whey is generally more expensive than Casein, but it is also much easier to digest and gives you a wide array of amino acids that make the protein more “full”. If you go this route, you will quickly find that you are getting more value for your money and that you are getting bigger and stronger versus other types of protein powder. Combining whey protein with other natural sources of protein – meats, milks, soy, etc. will give you a great combination of proteins.

Casein is generally on par with non-whey proteins like soy and egg protein powders. This class of protein powder is cheaper than others and is also less effective. While the back labels show a great amount of protein for the money you spend, you will soon see in your lifting that this protein isn’t very effective.

If you do decide to give casein protein a try, make sure you buy from a legitimate brand. While you can purchase from a brand like Met-rx, you can also buy from brands such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. These generic brands are typically just as good and offer you better value than the big brands. Since we don’t necessarily recommend casein in the first place, you may want to save your money by going after the good value of generic protein as a starter. You won’t be disappointed.

Another downside of casein protein is that it may cause allergic reactions for some people. If you are using this protein and you notice skin reactions, quit immediately! A little bit of extra protein isn’t worth any skin problems that may emerge. Some of these reactions include rashes, hives, and an increased heart rate.

While Casein isn’t our top choice of protein, it may be a good option for those who have allergic reactions to whey protein and want to seek an alternative that will allow additional protein in their diet. If whey isn’t an option, we rank casein up there with egg and soy proteins. Simply do proper shopping and you can find some great deals on casein protein. Places like Amazon and Walmart tend to be great choices for the best deals on protein powders.

James has been studying Protein Supplements for over 30 years as both a semi-professional bodybuilder and a PhD in nutrition. Let him share his insider secrets on casein protein vs. whey protein to get you started on the right foot!

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