How To Build / Gain Muscle Fast HOME SHOULDER WORKOUT!!!

How To Build / Gain Muscle Fast HOME SHOULDER WORKOUT!!! Go to myFREE workout plan Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST AS HELL! When you Download the FREE workout plan it will contain WORKOUT VIDEOS (that you can put on you iPod!) and the FREE fitness and nutrition ebook The Ultimate Fitness Manual I am giving away this extremely effective fat burning and muscle building nutrition program for a limited time!!! This program is not some bs fad diet …

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  1. outofnowhere says:

    nice bod but ur lateral raise needs some work on form.

  2. mean71cuda says:

    i finally found it!! this is exactly what i wanna look like!! ive seen tonnnnnns of other workout vids from guys like vince del monte, scooby werkstatt, arnold, etc.. but this is what i wanna look like and my body is perfect for this.. im naturally broad shouldered so i cant quite become that skinny lean guy

  3. wranglerx07 says:

    Those look like fake weights? just kidding

  4. xtremestunt says:

    Dayum i wana get a body like urs!! crazy

  5. 111LabRat1986 says:

    Dude, muscle doesn’t grow fast that’s why people that are already physically much older than you take steroids. I promise you if you just do a steady workout with weights and take it easy, not an obsession, you will be better off by the time your a senior but don’t take my word for it, reading rainbow knows everything so ask them. Patience and building a foundation of staying healthy at your age is the best thing you can do, working out will help you best mentally, which is more important.

  6. JedDeLosSantos says:

    @BrandonCarterTV do you have a lat work out video?

  7. JedDeLosSantos says:

    what do you mean pop off?

  8. ELSk8er13 says:

    hey ive noticed you say to do 3 sets but theres other people that insist on only doing 2 sets. which is more effective or does it depend on certain factors

  9. milasuave says:

    i just cant get enough of that video,,,ur body is so smoking hot! 1:40 just makes me crazy…damn i wish i could show u what id like to do with that body, baby….

  10. hey that first workout you do in this vid works on ur chest also right?

  11. Please Help, I need to gain muscle fast Im in 8th grade and the 9th grade is approaching and thats when people say you should have muscle the most, To get to the point, Im a 120 LBS 13 year old male with no muscle at all, and no stomach fat.

  12. greenydays says:

    What advice would u give to a 14 year old boy, quite skinny with no weights. do i do push ups and how many shal i do a day ?

  13. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @blassonkem lay off the cardio. you gotta eat a lot to gain. click the link on the side for a diet plan

  14. blassonkem says:

    What advice would you give to a skinny tall 16 year old with flab and no muscles? Should he do cardio everyday and weights only 3 days a week to get abs and muscle of what? Thanks for the vids Brandon.

  15. hamster133 says:

    @BrandonCarterTV lol thanxs bahh i tried doing some of ur chest and biceps work out and they acke today i think it working lol like it tightening up

  16. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @B2hYp3 it did pop off! i edited that part out of the vid. i been walking around with no head and just a neck for weeks, it sucks!

  17. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @hamster133 Are they qualified to give fitness advice? save up and buy them your self. there is a link to some that dont cost that much on my site. never let anyone stop you from accomplishing your goals homie!

  18. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @killerkakaz lol, easy

  19. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @sosmono thanks

  20. lol u should take it alil easy wit those wieghts.. toward the end it look like ur head was about pop off, u started to turn mad red

  21. hamster133 says:

    hay my parents think it waste of money buying weights and tht type of equiment hoe can i get them muscles still with out using them equiment

  22. killerkakaz says:

    you could take down john cena

  23. karimaru22 says:

    hey! just wanna ask. how much weight should i carry if I am a first timer? i stand 5’7″ with medium built. i’m 22 yrs old.. tnx a lot! pls reply..

  24. you got a perfect body man

  25. karljah4ever says:

    thanks dude… already did… and i had the email… ahaha…. very helpful! thanks!

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