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  1. aran08504 says:

    does texas require you to be licensed like dieticians?

  2. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  3. HaniShau87 says:

    yes I reade an article about frozen veggies and they have almost as much nutrients as fresh vegetables they found out in a new study so its good to buy frozen vegetables so you can eat it whenever

  4. I like this guy, he is not a “cookie cutter” nutritionist that just follows the Illuminati food pyramid.

  5. no information – just an introduction

  6. Very informative. Thank you Joseph.

  7. nutritionaustin says:

    LOL…I looked more closely at the website and it does. I hadn’t realized that. A friend sent me an e-mail with an article from there and I liked the material. It was an article about motivation. Honestly I haven’t read any other articles from that site and hadn’t seen the connection.

  8. rubyespresso says:

    Tips for Success section directly links to Scientology material : )
    Just wondering really!

  9. nutritionaustin says:

    I wasn’t aware that I had any Scientology links on my website or even articles. I have tips for sucess and standard process. The first is a motivation website and the second for supplements.

  10. rubyespresso says:

    Austin has links to Scientology websites and articles on his website.
    Is he a Scientologist?
    Does Scientology emphasize nutrition?

  11. Sceptical112 says:

    Ha. Austin is so cute. Worth my time. Thanks for the video!

  12. nutritionaustin says:

    I hope so I love them. I do recommend them to my clients as they are super easy. Of course fresh is better, but frozen is the next best thing in my opinion.

  13. nutritionaustin says:

    glad you enjoyed it.

  14. sonureddyin says:

    Thank you. I wanted to know if frozen vegetables are ok to consume, I buy them often because they are so convenient.

  15. 🙂 wot a way to spend 25mins ^^ i learned alot 🙂

  16. AxiomofDiscord says:

    Pseudo food is a big problem. But I am a coffee fiend. I have gone without anything that i regularly eat except water and felt fine after a month to 6 weeks since I tried to find food allergies myself. That made me feel good that I am not addicted or dependent to anything. Still doesn’t mean I make the best decisions in what I do eat.

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