How many supplement pills can you take at one time?

I take 4 supplements in the morning. Vitamin C, multivitamin, and 2 fish oil supplements. What's the maximum amount of supplement pills you can take at 1 time

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  1. oldtimekid2 says:

    Well, that depends on the pills themselves. I know several people who take more than 80 different supplements a day, but none of them overlap (which is the important part). You can safely take more than 100 pills in a day as long as you don't get too much of any given nutrients.

    In your situation, I would take the Vitamin C later in the day (at least 2 hours later) because the multi will already have C in it and the body can't absorb or utilize more than a few hundred mg at once. As far as the Fish Oil, it depends on the dosage, but it should be perfectly fine if they aren't concentrated Fish Oils. Good luck and I hope I helped!

  2. notalonewithcancer says:

    Its better to always sort your vitamins, minerals and herbs accordingly. You have to find out what interferes with what, and what could hinder absorption. For instance, its best to take your oils at least an hour apart from any powdered capsules or in pill form. The oils can coat your powders and they may not completely dissolve, causing you not to receive the full benefit. You would do well to take your Multi in the morning, your vit. C at noon and your oils in the evening.

  3. I take 14 twice a day ,no fooling with separating everything unless my doc says take it separately.3 of them are the same thing just taking 2 at once. There is no reason to take 100 vitamins a day ,all your doing is making expensive urine.You can take as many as you can tolerate at one time if there is a need for them.

  4. alt.healer says:

    i take 60 supplement pills a day and have for 20 years, but when I first read books on nutrition I took 100 a day for a few months. I cannot go below 60 at this time because I need them all to do everything I need and require. I just think of them as food. Mine do not overlap because I understand the actions and uses of every single one.

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