How do creatine supplements affect the body? To what degree do the supplements enhance athletic performance?

These are two different questions. I would like to know how it affects the body and not the side effects of creatine. I would also like to know how the supplements enhance athletic performance. Please be thorough.(:

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  1. blaise_collins says:

    Creatine is naturally made in animals. It is used in liver function (creatinine is an indicator) as well as ATP production in the muscles.

    In muscles, creatine is used in the ATPcP (ATP creatine phosphate) cycle to grant a net of 4 ATP. It is the primary source of energy in short bursts of energy (under 20 seconds). That being said, only sports such as powerlifting or sprinting can benefit from supplementation because there is a larger amount of available creatine to convert. This means that for powerlifters, sprinters, baseball players and football players, they have a surplus of fuel to use to grind out that one extra play or set.
    In endurance activities, studies have shown no improvement in ability. In power activities, studies have shown significant increases in comparable athletes in both strength and size.

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