How Can I Lose My Tummy Fat and Keep it Off?


Losing tummy fat is one of the most challenging weight loss issues for men and women alike. As we age, our metabolism slows, and our bodies naturally tend to carry more fat, and it is around the belly area where more body fat deposits tend to gather, making love handles one of the most common issues for many people. How can I lose tummy fat, you ask. Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce – you cannot somehow manage to target the belly fat specifically, unless you do it through surgical means. Otherwise, your only real option for losing the tummy fat is through a sensible fat loss program that can help you burn body fat and lose weight.

Performing hundreds of reps of abdominal crunches or any other ab muscle related exercises will not help you lose tummy fat either. These exercises will certainly work to strengthen your abdominals and obliques; however, they will not help you lose the tummy fat. Instead of fixating on losing belly fat, focus on burning fat, and losing body fat, and this can be achieved effectively through a combination of a good diet, a good weight training program, and a good cardio exercise routine.

If you find yourself having trouble losing tummy fat, make some changes to your diet. Consume less calories than you burn each day, and at the same time, try to get more of your daily calories from protein, and less from fat and carbohydrates. The time of the day for consuming carbohydrates is also important. You should aim to consume little to no carbohydrates late in the day and at night. This helps deplete your glycogen stores and forces your body to burn fat for energy. Combine this with an intense cardio session first thing in the morning will help to lose tummy fat.

Half of your fat loss success depends on your workout program, and the other half depends on your diet. To burn fat and lose tummy fat, you must have a calorie deficit. There’s no other way around it. Aim for a 50/30/20 diet where 50% calories comes from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins, and 20% from fats. Alternatively, a 40/40/20 diet also works very well, where 40% of the calories come from each of protein and carbohydrates, and 20% come from fats.

If you can get disciplined and follow a diet and exercise program that creates a caloric deficit, you will be able to burn fat and lose tummy fat. You should aim to take measurements once a week on a regular basis, and the measurements should include: 1) body weight, 2) body measurements, and 3) body fat and body composition measurements. Don’t get hung up on try to lose the tummy fat, instead, focus your energy on working your entire body to burn fat.

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