How does a person over 40 mass their muscle`s and not gain fat in the abdominal region?

I have been lifting almost every day for a little over a year now.I have found it very hard to increase muscle mass at this age(43).It seems I only become very toned and cut.
I have noticed in general that massing seems to include some degree of fat.I know a guy about my age who has massed pretty big,yet he has a fat gut.My question is :How does a person over 40 mass their muscle`s and not gain fat in the abdominal region?I do sit ups and a fair amount of abbs. work including a good deal of cardio-vascular work.Yet to all my efforts I remain small,but toned and cut.

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  1. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little cutness to add some muscle. Even body builders add on 15 or more pounds of fat in the off season. But I believe its all in your diet though. Eating at the right times each day. Especially protien imediately after your workouts. If you’ve been trying the same things for a while, completely change it up, sometimes it just takes a little searching to find what works for you. What works for Joe over here might not even be close to what your body needs.

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