1. OMG this woman is just a PARROT for the food industry. There was MUCH less heart disease years ago when low fat shite was not even invented.

  2. You are sooo right – i cannot eat what my b/f eats for example I would be really ILL.

    And all natural fats are good for us they are our natural diet how the hell can animal fats be bad for us hasn’t this idiot ever heard of Darwin?

    Breast milk is 80% saturated fat so why aren’t mothers put in prison for child abuse by condemning their children to heart disease?

  3. Just like to add that by “fats” I mean healthy fats. Fats from organic peanut butter, organic meats, nuts, even whole milk and butter. Nature made whole milk. Man made skim milk.

  4. This woman needs to be better educated. Everyone’s body is different. What may be healthy for one, may not be the best choice for another. For example, my metabolic type is a fast oxidizer, meaning I burn carbs very quickly. In order to feel energized without eating too much, I need to eat foods HIGH in fat(even WHOLE milk, and full fat foods

  5. Yes, fats are healthy. This woman does not know what she is talking about. My dietitian actually put me on a high fat, high protein, low carbohydrate diet because of my metabolic type(I’m a fast oxidizer, meaning I burn carbs very quickly), and so I need the extra fat for slower digestion. It all depends upon your body type.

  6. It’s better to just drink the juice itself, it’s what the Brazilians do (Acai comes from Brazil), but mostly Acai is used for it’s high vitamin C content

  7. Fats are good for you, you just need to limit how much you intake, 1/3 of your daily intake should be saturated 2/3’s unsaturated, She should have been teaching people how to calculate their caloric intakes, such as check how much is in your food from what fat 1 g = 9 calories while a gram of a carb or protein is only 3 calories, meaning you can measure your food and ESTIMATE how much you take in

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  9. 1. Absolute nonsense. Cave man meat eater myth? Tropics – Coconuts? Joke?

    2- Tell that to the guys who are really curing heart disease through nutrition (Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Mcdougall, Furhman etc)

    3- Stupid. Caloric intake is the only proven method for extending lifetime/health. Fat has the highest amount of calories per gram.

    4. Reasonable.

    Mercola/Atkins/Undergroundwellness are clowns. It is nothing but NWO mumbo jumbo nutrition. They have no experience, only deep pockets.

  10. 1. Saturated fat *is* healthy. If it wasn’t, human beings would have died out millions of years ago, and people in tropical areas would be dying of heart disease.

    2. Cholesterol from food has NOTHING to do with blood cholesterol. Cholesterol is an effect, not a cause.

    3. Calories in themselves have nothing to do with one’s health. It’s the type of calories that matters.

    4. Fruits, veggies and some whole grains are healthy, but refined grains and juices should be avoided.

  11. One of the easiest ways to avoid disease and be healthy is to eat a high fat diet!

    The trick is to be sure at least 90% of the fat is saturated by eating a lot of meat per day and at least 10 egg yolks to get right the amount of cholesterol!!

    Fat is low in calories, rich in fiber and antioxidants and full of vitamins! It´s the perfect food!

    Eat only the saturated type. It makes the cardiovascular system work better..

    That is why a plant based has been shown to kill!

    Now fuck off

  12. Saturated fat and cholesterol are GOOD for you. You are an ignorant, media-brainwashed DIPSHIT if you think otherwise.

  13. tuna salad and before bed myabe another bowl of ceral-

    i train in kick boxing and mma for 2 hours on monday – wednesday and thursday (6 hours in total) and rarley drink (anymore!) AT Weeknds)

    would you say that was an unhealthy apporach to speeding up my metabolism?

  14. well i eat 6 meals a day

    Breakfast – bowl of ceral (usually big) with 7:30amskimmed milk as much as possible –

    (maybe a few digestive biscuits if i dont have time for brekki)

    Then about 10 2 tuna cobs with salad (low fat mayo) brown bread cobs

    12: light salad box with red green yellow peppers gratted carrot/small pasta

    1:00 once again 2 tuna cobs same as above

    then tuna salad for lunch (note i do have a few junk thing’s aswell – maybe snack a jacks and etc
    then lunch

  15. stick away from breads and pastas as much as possible. limit starch intake after 2:00 pm. if ur a fan of carbs go for whole grain rice, it actually helps burn calories. eggs are ok, i would go boiled and eat only half the yolk. fruits are always good, same with most veggies. light on the potatos and corn though. try to exercise too!

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  17. Are you out of your mind?!

    Eggs are highly allergenic. They are full of protein, saturated fat and cholesterol.

    The most perfect food you can eat is probably kale.

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