Is it bad to take a multivitamin supplement and a fish oil supplement?

I take one a day mens formula and i would also like to take a fish oil supplement because i’ve heard how good it is for you so i was wondering if its bad to take both those supplements simultaneously?

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  1. bob and dolly k says:


  2. iamboundee says:

    no, go ahead…

  3. The answer is yes and no.

    Yes it is bad if the multivitamin supplement is not natural and has fillers or synthetic ingredients. Not all multivitamins are equal. Some are frankly worthless. A good manufacturer will reveal the ingredients and suggest a protocol.

    Also not all fish oil quality is the same either. Some are not manufactured properly. A good fish oil should be molecular distilled to remove the impurities. Some cause repeat or burp back. I use one that is guaranteed to be burp less.

    Here is where I get my fish oil and natural supplements. This is a great company and will answer your questions. Go to this site at: This give you some more good info; better than what I can explain.

    Thanks, Larry

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