For maintaining erections what is the best supplement or internet site for supplement reviews?

Hi, I have a hard time keeping erections during intercourse. It can be best categorized as performance anxiety because I am in my 20’s. I would like to know what site is actually credible for reviews on the various natural supplements out there or if I should try the prescribed medications. Thanks!

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  1. Hey Happygolucky,

    Aside from prescribed medications, there are no "over the counter" supplements that are proven to be safe and/or effective.PERIOD!

    You don’t say what the general state of your health is but there are any number of factors, aside from anxiety, that could be affecting you.

    Recreational drug/alcohol use, being overweight, diabetes, smoking cigarettes, certain prescription medications, stress, lack of sleep… These could all have an adverse effect on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.
    For any medications you may be taking, check with a pharmacist or a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) about sexual side effects.

    If you’re able to achieve and maintain an erection during "solo sex" your problem might be just as you say, performance anxiety.
    Best recommendation I can make for performance anxiety is first TALK with your partner(s) Slow things down, just take it nice and easy, make sure you’re comfortable, reasonably sober and well-rested. If you still have problems after eliminating all of the above, go and see a doctor.

    If you’re using condoms try putting a bit of WATER-BASED lube on the inside, not too much, just enough to fill the tip. This does 2 things, it lubes the inside of the condom and it gives you much better sensations. Also, if you think that condoms might be the issue, try a different condom. There are many different styles, sizes, materials and features to choose from. Find one you like that works best for you.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to go to the San Francisco Sex Information website, lots of really good info and links. Sorry but they won’t let me give the link here but do a search and you’ll find it.

    Hope this helps


  2. Natural supplements don’t work. You would have to get a prescription. But to be honest just relax and don’t worry about it, then you will get over the anxiety.
    Stop reaching for drugs to be a cure all. Sometimes you have to deal with your own problems on your own like an adult.


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