Little Kids, Weird Dreams, and Weight Loss

The vid me and AmazingPhil did: **edit** Before I am once again accused of contradicting myself: There is a large difference between reacting in a way where you’re unsure HOW to react, and reacting in a way where you think the other person is insane and don’t mind letting them know you feel that way with an obvious (and obnoxious) “UMM OKAY???? UHHHH…YEAHHHHHH…….” Thank you.

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  1. xGodShesAnnoyingx says:

    just stumbled upon this again, and I went, “AWW HIS LITTLE FACE!” haha it’s so weird how this is only a year old and you look so little!

  2. ThatsSoLameShow says:

    aw, John, I like you.

  3. h0tdietsforgirls says:

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  4. kakaonelove says:

    you shouldnt try to lose weight you should try to gain muscle.

    muscles are hot.

  5. i love him he so funny ^ ^

  6. rougefan9 says:

    lol with the wierd dreams

  7. kelseysara94 says:

    zomggg my name is kelseyy.
    that was exciting.

  8. DeeDee36936 says:

    Woah. I LOVE your hair!

  9. MissCharlotteX13 says:

    so do i nd a didntt really realize until i seen this viedo tht i say okay…. 2 my cuzin nd sum ppl a skool haha ….. ooops x

  10. eagleschick10 says:

    after seeing your actual whole body after 789 i think that you arent “chunky” at all, im not sure if you have lost weight since this video was made or anything but i just thought id let you know that you look fine and you should feel comfortable in your own body

  11. whaddupaly says:


  12. kristenkandyshop says:

    i hate when ppl do that “”ummm yeahhhhh”” thing too O_o..its like a slap in the face!!!

  13. You have amazing hair! =]]

  14. nellitayanez says:

    you hot babe!

  15. ghostofjamie says:

    “oh that was uh, that was c-cool , i ahve to make a phone call i’ll tlk to you later..”
    fave part

  16. TheIncredibleLaken says:

    i just go “cool”
    cause i have a 4 year old cousin who does that stuff all the time

  17. winnienadette says:


  18. shaunsfanlexa says:

    with little kids i say “well… that was. (pause) Interesting…” or “Ohh.. okay…”

  19. chunkytau says:

    Omg You Look So Much Better With Short Hair

  20. HappyUnhappyBHappy says:

    If someone other than a little kid tells a crappy story I cheer…


  22. you are hot

  23. MattDoesNotRock says:

    you shouldn’t eat less, you should eat better and exercise it you wanna loose weight, which i don’t think you do

  24. jboogsvig says:

    fuck you clown

  25. God its so weird- I worked when I was 16 onwards- even when I was in college and then Uni and now I also study part time whilst working full time….

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