Early Signs Of Genital Warts: If I Have Genital Warts, Does it Mean I Have Herpes?

You notice an itching sensation in your private areas and you notice some bumps. At first, you think that it’s a rash and with more diligent hygiene, it will go away. But the bumps don’t go away, they multiply and might even start to get bigger. The bumps take on a cauliflower like appearance. You go online to find out what is causing these symptoms and you discover that you have genital warts. So then your next step is to find out what to do to begin treating genital warts.

Many people mistakenly call genital warts as herpes and the other way around. However, these two conditions do have similarities, both being sexually transmitted diseases. These kinds of diseases are spread by bodily fluid to skin or skin-to-skin contact. Herpes and genital warts are both spread usually during sex.

Your doctor could also prescribe you a cream that you can apply at home. If you notice early signs of genital warts there are some things that you can do immediately. First, keep your genitals clean and dry. You don’t want to create a moist environment for the warts to grow. Next, decide a plan of action to prevent the spread and effect their removal. Perhaps you want to try a homeopathic treatment such as Wartrol or a home remedy for genital warts like apple cider vinegar, aloe vera or tea tree oil.

Since herpes and genital warts usually spread by means of sexual contact, the early signs of genital warts disease appear in the genital region. However, this is not always the case because some people develop herpes or genital warts in the anus, hands, lips, mouth or eyes. The early signs of both diseases are usually soreness and redness, but the difference between the two is that herpes usually go away and do not become blisters or pop up, while genital warts continue to grow until it is surgically removed or treated to fall off.

Genital warts are highly contagious. In fact, it is the most common sexually transmitted infection. If you believe you are infected or you are experiencing the early signs of genital warts, you should visit your doctor for professional genital warts diagnosis. The doctor will conduct a simple physical examination to diagnose the infection and help you consider your treatment options.

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