The Sweet Smell Of Success: Pheromone Cologne And How It Can Help People Attract The Opposite Sex

“Pheromones” is not a word that has the nicest images attached to it. I’m sure you have come across the word before, and most likely associate it with either bugs or sweat, neither of which is too pretty to think about. But as a matter of fact we all have them, not just bugs.

So what exactly are pheromones? They are best described as chemicals secreted by an animal that affect the behavior of other members of the same species. These substances are messengers that give off subtle impressions to others about the attractiveness and likeability of a given person.

Pheromones are odorless, so how are they recognized? There is some debate over this. Some researchers teach that there is an area located at the base of the nasal septum known as the VNO or vomeronasal organ that consists of small receptor pits which react to pheromones. Others are of the opinion that the regular olfactory system is responsible for their detection.

What chemicals does the body secrete and where do they come from? Pheromones are produced in the apocrine glands, found in areas of the body where hair grows, like the auxiliary area(armpit)and the groin. Some types of pheromones are common to both men and women, namely androstenol and androstenone, although they are classified as “male”. Only men release androsterone, and only women release copulins.

Androstenol is linked to amicability in both sexes. When women are exposed to a man with high androsterones, they tend to see him a “protector” and a “good-provider”. Whereas androstenone, increases a man’s sex appeal but also makes him appear more aggressive. This same substance can also make the same qualities more pronounced when present in females as well.

Fragrance companies have taken advantage of the power of these chemical messengers and are marketing scent products infused with pheromones. They are formulated using scientifically engineered copies of the natural substances to increase the sex appeal and attractive qualities of the wearer.

There are many products for a diverse market. Some companies feature special blends for homosexual people for instance. Most products consist of a spray-bottle, but some varieties you dab on or apply with a roll-on or dropper. Perfumes for women have a floral scent, and are infused with copulins or androstenol. Men’s colognes are musky or sandalwood scented and are blended with androsterone, androstenone or androstenol.

Sample a scent before purchasing it because it may not smell right on you. No matter what product you select; understand that none of them guarantee romantic success. This isn’t witchcraft, just science. Studies indicate that proper use of these products does positively affect the opposite sex. However, realize that not everyone responds the same way because people have varying levels of sensitivity.

If you feel as though you’re invisible to the opposite sex; you can check out these products they may be just the little boost you need to catch the eye (and nose!) of that special someone.

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