Dolce and Gabbana Glasses

Innovation, a modern approach and the use of the latest technology are three of the main ideas that you would come to associate with the D&G brand. But one thing that really sets the D&G brand apart from the crowd and takes it to the next level is the fact that it not only produces a range of designs tailored to suit men and women, it also designs a range of unisex watches to be worn by either.

The unisex approach which tailors designs that suit both men and women together is a great way to bring innovation into the marketplace and allows boundaries and associations to be broken down with items that would usually be classified as either male or female designs.

The unisex collection has quickly proved to be popular and it is led by the popular D&G Summerland design which ahs been a real hit. Epitomising the ideas of a unisex design, the watch combines the key elements of simplicity with a practicality for use everyday by either sexes. In order to fit snugly on any wrist, the band is made from a flexible silicon design which allows it to be easily moulded to either a male or female wrist.

The watch face is rather unique in that it is created in 24 hour time and instead of having 12 digits on the watch face it in fact has 24. The face is a combination of bright pink to match the watch strap and a range of small silver stones. The case is made from a sturdy stainless steel which, combined with the silicon strap gives a very robust feel to the watch.

To give the watch a scratch free and sturdy design, mineral crystal glass is used to coat the watch face. There is also a water resistance of up to 30m which allows for the watch to be submerged in shallow areas of water for a short period of time. This resistance will not work however in areas where there are chemicals in the water as these chemicals can damage the surface area of the watch.

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