Core Exercises for Strength and Muscle Tone : Side Plank Exercise for Core Muscle Toning & Strength

Learn how to properly perform the side plank exercise correctly to increase core muscle strength and tone in thisfree exercise video on core muscle toning. Expert: Riki Butler Bio: Riki is a certified personal trainer and holds a degree in Health Science Education. Filmmaker: Michael Carter

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  1. LightxKira5643 says:

    Actually planks are hold to hold for like 5 minutes, we do side planks on both sides and regular planks in martial arts and its a lot harder then you’d think.

  2. MissGunSlingerGirl says:

    Megan Fox did these daily to get the tummy in Transformers along with 20 mins of knee ups, leg swings and ball leg lifts and 30 mins of cycling. Planks are the most effective way to get slim sexy abs if your female. If the normal set of reps aren’t working for you it means your abdominal muscles are stronger, increase the time you hold the position. If its boring, try doing it in the living room and watch a good movie at the same time.

  3. mvolokh101 says:

    I’m really sorry but why waste a couple of minutes for a single exercises when u can finish a couple of sets in the same time…?
    It’s not even just about boredom it’s about not wasting of time.

  4. rwehrhart says:

    People who get so easily bored are boring. What are you, 15 or something?

  5. mvolokh101 says:

    WTF is wrong with you…
    maybe you got it wrong but I wasn’t trying to show off or anything like that I simply really think this exercise is boring and not intense enough…It might work for older women but for teenagers it’s just too simple.

  6. rwehrhart says:

    mvolokh, if you can just shove your head up your ass, that should fit your requirements. Try it!

  7. solja2424 says:

    that doesnt make any damn sense lol

  8. lukemoore says:

    no offense…and i mean no offense, but I checked and you ain’t exactly “in shape” yourself to be commenting.

  9. SunMan6A6 says:

    so what the fucking big deal about it?

  10. solja2424 says:

    no offense…and i mean no offense, but uh the person doesnt exactly look “in shape” be teaching this video

  11. mvolokh101 says:

    BORING !
    It’s too easy and it’s so boring to simply stand like that for a couple of minutes…Eh I need something more intense…without any additional equipment…

  12. due to my inattentive watching of this video, i may have discovered a new and more effective form of the side plank.

    for a harder challenge, try doing this exercise while propped up on one fully extended arm, with one foot on top of the other (rather than crossed), without footwear and with the other arm up in the air.

    you may have to tape your wrist but damn if it isn’t more fun trying to keep the proper shape while staying balanced -and it feels more effective!

  13. a lot of these exercises won’t stress younger bodies; i never felt any burn or physical stress from calisthenics until i reached my 20s. only when i began to age did a lot of this health ‘bs’ start to make any sense.

    god, i hate growing old ­čÖü

  14. tatman200 says:

    id like to do some other exercise with this spook on that mat…u know,like sit-ups

  15. o, my arms hurt :s

  16. lapulapuwarrior says:

    nick 882,
    ur obliques should b hurting after a while, although i find my shoulders also get slightly sore

  17. cool..ima def give this a try!!

  18. i wont

  19. Try holding it for 1-2 minutes.

  20. lmao at below
    but er
    i no its sposed to hurt after a bit
    should it be ur arm thats supportin ur body that hurts or u obliques?

  21. disappear81 says:

    my penis is fully errect like a spartan after watching this video

  22. EyeFourAnEye says:

    good info, that girls figure is WOW

  23. whitericebunny says:

    i did this for one min. at school and today my sides are sore. They work… and i only did it for one min.

  24. is this supposed to be painful in any way at all? because if you’re supposed to be feelin’ the burn, Im not.

  25. riluis1126 says:

    wait why is everyone talking about fucking people?
    totally out of the question in my opinion
    this is kind of a workout video not a “would you do me” video…
    grow up everyone
    probably not gonna happen

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