Can significantly increased testosterone levels add muscle mass over time without lifting weights?

I am interested to know if higher testosterone levels, independent of weight lifting, can mean increased muscle mass. Also, what about growth hormone?

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  1. Go to a doctor and have a testoterone level test done; it’s a simple blood test. If you are over 18 yrs of age, it is possible he can prescribe hormone treatment to you to raise the T-level.

  2. Testosterone, no. Growth hormone, maybe. However, other things will grow too, such as your bones (they’ll thicken, not lengthen) and you may damage your organs and sexual parts.

  3. Steroids are horrible. They can reduce your penis sixe proven fact) and cause irritability and baldness (also true, google it if you are skeptical). Dont use them. Just do it naturally. If you are not patient enough to do it right then don’t bother. You will ruin your body and sex life… is it worth it?

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