How do you build muscle mass and strength?

I was once told that if you do low reps high weight you will gain strength, and if you do high reps low weight, you will gain muscle mass. But then one day I was told otherwise. So I’m very confused. Therefor, if I exercise with low reps and high weight what do I gain? And also if I exercise with high reps and low weight, what do I gain?

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  1. Moneymakergp says:

    for muscle mass and strength go with low reps high weight. You will get more endurance and less muscle mass if you go with high reps because only high weight tears a lot of muscle tissue at once and you need to tear tissue to get more muscle mass. (not in the torn muscle kind of way). Just go with high weight low reps and you will get bigger and stronger.

  2. till i die says:

    low reps, high weight equals mass and power. low weight high reps equals endurance and slims you down

  3. low reps high wieght = mass and power
    lots of reps and lower wieght=tone and more endurance
    plus it depends on if you play sports and what sports, for football we lift for mass, in sports like basketball and baseball they do more reps, eat lots of protiens and carbs

  4. Do 10 reps per set of a weight that you feel is right for you. Builds strength a little faster than mass but not much.

  5. NAUGRIM_Giant says:

    This is my method and I’ve gained large muscle mass and quite a bit of strength.
    Stretch and cardio every other day.
    On lifting days I stretch thoroughly then lift the most I can in 15 reps in various exercises then repeat with the same weight and do as many reps as I can for three sets then stretch again.
    I also keep a reasonable diet with lean meats and fish and supplement a protein shake on days that I lift.
    Hope this helps. Just keep at it and you will see the results.

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