Beauty Tips/ Weight Loss

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  1. oh almost forgot. you also mentioned in this video you werent getting enough calories which is unhealthy, are you saying the MC isnt the safest or healthiest way to go about losing weight?

  2. first of all love your videos. uhm you mention you gained you weight back (up to a certain point but still gained some if not most back) your first few vieoes about the MC you swore if you ate healthy afterwards you just knew you werent going to gain it back. did you lean towards unhealthy foods in order for that weight to come back, or was it because naturally you’re going to gain weight back eating solids rather its healthy or not?

  3. ski ski ski

  4. Phoenixspin says:

    Damn , you’re cute.

  5. kiannaluv21 says:

    I can only say its happened to me
    But its better safe than sorry

  6. swissiemissie19 says:

    there is alot of stuff in here that i never knew about. like the bubble thing in shampoo resulting in aacne. i got to look out for that. i wonder if natrul productsdont have that

  7. AbbaSkibbles says:

    wat length weave u have in?
    im lookin for how a 10inch wud fall…..:(
    tryna decide wat length 2 go wit

  8. TheMusicSpeakstoMe says:

    Why are you so gorgeous? Not fair, not fair at all girly!

  9. dublinprincess says:


  10. kiannaluv21 says:

    I get NO complaints 🙂

  11. I didn’t say that people couldn’t think otherwise. It is just my opinion and I’m not ugly… but in the real world, not in my dreams like this “girl”.

  12. kiannaluv21 says:

    Well its a DETOX NOT A DIET so you did it for the wrong purposes, it wasn’t meant to lose weight thats just an effect

  13. this is how you lose weight. drink water. dont eat fast food. workout everyday. balance meals. eat more fruit and less meat. I did the Lemonad diet a year ago and i lost 25 pounds in 2 weeks. gained it back. its just a waist of time. if you really serious about getting healthy, just do it push yourself its hard to train your body to be healthy. Put once you get there you will love it.

  14. handikap2009 says:

    shut the hell up, i bet u are ugly as fuck and even though u think she’s ugly, other people may think otherwise

  15. is this a joke? “you are sexy” ??? you are giving tips about LOOSING WEIGHT????? what the hell is going on?? You don’t have a nice skin, you aren’t beautiful at all.

  16. Very good info for sistas!

  17. BonusJonasGirl45 says:

    u r really beautiful and i look up to u because by following ur wweight loss method i lost 6 pounds! u r awesome!

  18. Rustammarine says:

    I would fuck you any ways!!! Nice tits! Want anal???

  19. newyorkboricua139 says:

    I enjoyed this vid mamas. Thnx

  20. ptdollars says:

    I really like that hair style. Keep up with the weight loss, just as long as you eat small portions and exercise at 30 minutes 3x per week.

  21. Moeslyric says:

    Trader Joes has great lotions there is one called A Midsummer Nights Cream moisturizing cream it is the best. It cost about $3.50 for a 16 oz bottle and it last for a good few months.

  22. you really know your stuff. thats good. but i dont use make up. just some mascara when im going to school. but im from norway, so i guess nobody cares here.

  23. ShaShanice says:

    Thank you for the skin tips. I’m gunna try them cuz ur skin luks fresh and glowing.

  24. cenaxolamis says:

    yall need to realy stop disrespecting her or how ever you spell that lol and by the way you is very pretty no homo lol

  25. nblpresident says:

    your very sexy if you leave ya dude holla at me j/k i gotta stop but your very pretty though

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