How can I gain a lot of muscle mass and lose fat at the same time?

I try to burn more calories than I take in, running 2 miles a day. So that burns fat. But on the other hand, I know to get big you must eat big, take in a lot of calories. I know my muscles are getting stronger, I can lift more than before; but is it possible to do both, gain muscle mass and lose fat at the same time?

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  1. "If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither" ~Chinese Proverb

    Muscle will burn fat, this is true, but even professional lifters have times where they’ll train to stop gaining muscle and cut fat. If you think you’re too fat, train to lose weight. If you think you’re okay in the fat department, but you want bigger muscles, build them up and then do a fat cutting period.

    There are special diets and training regimens where you allegedly can do both, but they are very intensive and their effectiveness is still debated.

  2. Max Highly Motivated says:

    No way man, what i did was go through a bulking stage to gain muscle mass not just eat burgers and fats all day but eat more than usual but of good food like fish, lean meat, lot’s of protein and LOT’S of WATER!!!!!, then i cut down by burning fat and kept the protein high as I could so I wouldn’t lose muscle that I gained good luck dude

  3. lift weights

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