How Come Choosing Cleverly Means Buying The Best Self Tanner

In years past, before the best self tanner, getting that lovely tan and color meant sunbathing outside for hours or baking under the lights in a tanning bed. Then doctors began warning the public about the dangers of skin damage and even cancer from getting too much sun, causing people to seek out other ways of achieving a that color and glow. And so began the life of sunless tanning products, however, people soon began complaining that the products were not as amazing as the manufacturers said they were.[youtube:BlZderYJjMk;[Best Self Tanning Lotion, hemp lotion, airbrush tanning products];]

The first tanning products often left skin with an orange tint, spots of uneven color, and were very messy to apply. Time passed and the products drastically improved and many began to love the results and ease of use. Today, these are available in many forms, with one to suit nearly every preference.

Self tanners are available in any forms such as lotions, sprays, towelettes, gels, and mousse. Which type is best depends on a person’s skin type, coloring, and preference. With these new products, people no longer have to wait for summer to roll around to try and get a little colors and better yet, they are much safer than the sun’s rays.[I:]

For an added touch, many tan products contain SPF, although not enough to completely prevent sun damage. Tanning products are quick to use, convenient, and relatively cheap. Color is produced either right away or after just a few short hours.

To work to their fullest, the products must be applied to clean and exfoliated skin. Dirty or dry, uneven skin, will cause the product to leave unsightly streaks. It is suggested that users exfoliate their skin in the morning then apply the tanning product at least 4 hours later, usually in the evening-which is perfect for most working and busy consumers.

Some users worry about the ingredients and chemicals found in many self tanners. However, the U. S. Government has studied the contents and has deemed them safe and harmless for repeat use. Truth be told, nothing is worse for the skin than harmful sun exposure, which is why the use of self tanning products is a much safer and worry free prospect for many.

Picking out the correct color option to match a specific skin tone is often the hardest part of buying a self tanning product. Which is why most manufacturers offer their tanning products in a wide range of colors and strengths, from the very lightest shades for those with pale to ivory skin; to the deeper formulas perfect for those with darker skin tones who are looking for a little something extra. Even better, some cosmetics and makeup counter which sell tanning products will even have samples available for people to try prior to making a purchase, making color matching a cinch.

Also of note, the best self tanner products can be used for the hands as face as well. These areas are often hard to tan with conventional products as they leave an unnatural color. They are truly convenient and make it possible to get that summer glow any time of the year.

You will be happy when you find the best self tanner on the market. A spray on tan would be something for you to look for.

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