Are carbs as important as protein for building lean muscle/muscle mass?

im only 16 (17 this month). 144pounds and about 174cm. I do weight training, but i was stupid because i didnt take much protein, and i didnt put on much muscle. so my arms are skinny now, although i have some fat in areas which i will burn off with cardio. I dont want to burn fat straight away because i will look too skinny, i need to build muscle first.
I am looking to buy Musashi bulk, which is 50/50 protein and carbs. are carbs like this ok for someone like me? and am i on the right track?
thanks & god bless!

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  1. You need carbohydrates, protein and fat in your diet. Protein heps build muscle, but you need carbs to fuel your body's metabolism and also carbs are important for brain function. They are all vital to your body.

    Most people eat more than enough protein, you'd be suprised at how little you actually have to eat.

    Really, you don't need a special product for this. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of whole grains, lean meat, vegetable and fruits.

    Most muscle-building products are a rip off.

  2. jsemkralfootball says:

    very important. make sure you add some fiber to the carbo ratio and drink plenty of hydrcarbons. it lowers your biological footprint

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