Is there a natural supplement or combination that can substitute wellbutrin or partially anyway?

I would like to replace a prescription for a natural supplement or combingation of supplements that can be a substitute for some or all of the symptoms that Welbutrin is given for. I will of course check with my doctor but would like something to go to him with.

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  1. playsinthedirt68 says:

    Try the book "Prescriptions for Healing" Author: Phyllis Balch; can be found on ebay for $16-$20. Large book. Look up your ailment & find answers!! Vitamin deficiencies (especially b vitamins) & caffeine & lack of sleep can be main contributors. If you have an ill, normally its caused by a vitamin deficiency. This book also explains nutrition & what you need on a DAILY basis. Best wishes & better health to you!!

  2. smellyfoot says:

    St. John's Wort. But it makes birth control pills not work, so if that is an issue, maybe not for you.

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