What supplements would be good for a teenaged vegetarian girl?

She eats cheese and eggs, but she doesn’t drink milk. Is there a protein supplement she should be taking?

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  1. salmonella_jr says:

    a protein supplement? it’s not necessary. protein is very accessible in a vegetarian diet. try tofu, beans, nuts, legumes, soy products, spinach, other vegetables..
    the list goes on:
    as long as she is eating healthily, she won’t be needing iron supplements either
    as a vegan and regular blood donor, i have never had a problem with my iron levels

  2. ~Jezebel~ says:

    If she’s eating well she doesn’t *need* to supplement anything.

  3. try nuts, beans and pulses…. they are a LBV source of protein, for people who don’t eat meat, aka vegetarians and vegans. LBV means Lower Biological Value, compared to HBV which is higher biological value, that comes from meat.

    Nuts, beans and pulses.
    Also she made need to have Iron supplements. I dont eat much meat and I need these, to prevent loss of iron and the deteriation of (i think white) blood cells, otherwise I could possibly get anemia

  4. nuts,beans,fruits, and food from around the world that have no meat

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