How long should i be giving my baby vitamins & iron supplements?

my baby was born premature at 32 weeks gestation, he is now 13 weeks. How long do i need to give him vitamin & iron supplements? I am breastfeeding and have just started supplementing a feed a day with formula.

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  1. I would continue to give your baby the vitamins and iron supplements. At your next check up talk to your doctor about it.

  2. I would continue to give the supplements until he has been introduced to a variety of solid foods or has been permanently switched to an iron fortified formula.

  3. For starters you need to get rid of that formula and stick with the breastfeeding. Breastmilk provides a baby with ALL their needs for at least their first six months. If you are giving the supplements on the advice of a professional then continue to do so, otherwise, why are you giving them in the first place? Babies have enough iron in their system to last until around 9mths of age and if you leave the solids until 6mths then there should be no need for supplements. The term ‘breast is best’ isn’t just a phrase, it’s the real deal. It is all you need and having a premmie baby means they need it more than ever to keep their immune system up. Brestmilk contains all your antibodies so they won’t get as sick as those poor formula babies. If you need to comp feed, do it with expressed milk. Your baby will thank you for it. All these fancy formulas are expensive and just make the manufactor’s rich. Breast is best…and free!!

  4. As the last answer, I would stick to breastmilk and forget about formula. You’re baby will be better off that way, breastmilk is even more important for preemies.

    Anyway, you should ask your baby’s doctor when it comes to vitamins and iron supplements.

  5. Casi's Momma says:

    i was told until my daughter is strictly formula but i havent really gave her the vitamins she will not take them

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