A REAL-TIME CHALLENGING SEQUENCE [IN 4 PARTS] TO BUILD STAMINA, TONE THE BODY, BURN CALORIES AND GET YOUR CARDIO IN! TRY WHAT YOU CAN, AND MOVE TOWARDS WEIGHT LOSS AND WHOLE BODY TRANSFORMATION, TODAY! With Sadie Nardini, Director of East West Yoga in NYC, author of the “Road Trip Guide to the Soul”, and Cretor of the “Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Power Hour” DVD, both available on Amazon.com now! For more, visit www.SadieNardini.com!

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  1. sadienardini says:

    Awesome. I know–it is like doing an hour of most yoga.
    Thanks for posting too;)

  2. sadienardini says:

    Your butt will look amazing, not flat for sure. Yoga gives you what you have, then improves it, not takes it away. So go for it! xoSadie

  3. sadienardini says:

    Hi there!

    You’ll get better results if you do it 6 days, with one day off for repair in your body. 6 is a lot–I look great from 3-4 days of yoga for one hour, so just know you don’t have to do too much and then get bored or overwhelmed. This should be something you can sustain as a lifestyle, so more is not necessarily better if it burns you out.
    xoxo! Sadie

  4. sadienardini says:

    I would do the entire Power hour 3-4 times a week and eat well. You’ll see huge results then.


  5. chrisdonkey2 says:

    how often should you do a routine like this?

  6. tayounorise says:

    Ok thank you i will practice and tell you 🙂
    thank you very much

  7. sadienardini says:

    Hey–I have many signature core poses. What did it look like?

  8. sadienardini says:

    What you need to do for squat pose is to work on stretching your inner thighs and opening your outer hips. Practice my Magic Pose and Inner Thigh Opener videos and that will get you there. Let me know when you attain it! xoSadie

  9. sadienardini says:

    thanks!! Happy to hear from you. More on the way!!

  10. hi Sadie. i did find a interesting pose on your webside, signature core. can you tell me something about it? have a nice weekend.

  11. tayounorise says:

    Hi sadie,
    i have one more question: how can i feel the muscles wich turn my leg out? how can i get them strong to rotate my legs in squat position very open?
    would appreciate your help.

  12. panddjensen says:

    I love both your series and have been following your workouts for a few weeks now. Thank you so much!

  13. sadienardini says:

    Hi there,

    I called this a Power 1/2 hour because it’s 30 minutes, while another Power Hour I posted is 60 minutes. I added the word “power” since it’s a strong practice, and also because you get more benefits in less time with this type of yoga. They are both slightly different sequences to begin and then of course the hour one has more poses. They are both effective–it’s just a question of how long you want to spend. Plus, this one is in real time and the other is faster.
    hope this helps! S

  14. kishorekumarbairi says:

    Hey sadienardini,

    Very nice sequence.I love it 🙂
    But little confusion, you have released two series
    1. Power Hour (weight loss)
    2. Power Half Hour

    My doubt is,
    why these two different series?
    Which one is effective?
    What do you mean by ‘power’ in these titles?

  15. sadienardini says:

    Hey lady!
    I know—it’s all in how effectively you use your time. Now you know, doing twice the work within each moment gives you double benefits as if you were doing it twice as long! Why waste time when you could be getting out there to your world and relationships with self and others…really advanced yoga! Thanks for letting me–and all of us know this. Keep up the great work! xxoSadie

  16. tarabusch says:

    I’ve run through this 1/2 hour sequence twice & it is far more effective than a 90 minute class…..it may be a shorter class but I get all the mental & physical honing I need – I never do 90 minutes anymore!! Thanks sadie…..my “wine tummy” is finally shrinking ; )

  17. sadienardini says:

    That’s SO excellent! I’m glad to hear it. Thanks for sharing this so others can see that it’s really transformative. You ROCK! xoxoSadie

  18. ednaeleva says:

    Hi there!
    I’ve been doing all your power hours, four times a week, for one month and I’ve lost 5 kilos (10 pounds), I have to thank you Sadie.

    I can’t wait for more routines!!!

  19. sadienardini says:

    Thanks! Greetings from Brooklyn! xoSadie

  20. sadienardini says:

    Yes, I know–a real 30-minute blaster.
    Rest in Child’s pose, people, of you need a moment, and build up to the cardio stamina of this flow. If Stevelb46 says it’s hard—it must be!

  21. stevelb46 says:

    Oh My! This was quite vigorous. Maybe more so than your wonderful DVD.

  22. you do really great work ! since I quit my gym, I do your exercises and everytime when I finished a sequence I feel that my body (spine!!) gets lighten up.

    on this way, best greetings from germany

  23. sadienardini says:

    Hi there,

    Yes, if you do what you can and work into the rest, put your knees down if you’re building strength, and not do anything that causes pain…you’ll be fine. This sequence is pretty straightforward, but don’t hesitate to modify anything or not do it for now…watch my other vids, and you’ll find lots of things you can do instead. Let me know how it goes! xoSadie

  24. m3isstupid says:

    you have a really great body I love your vidoes, I just wonder I’ve never done yoga before, can I start with it now? Your vidoes are just AWESOME! xoxo ;X

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