A Short Guide ToSunless Tan Produts

Before the origination of indoor tanning lotions, what people used to do is sit outdoors under the sun for hours to tan their skin and that was the only choice they had.

Advanced medical research accounts the increasing dangers of harmful rays of the sun that affect our health directly and may cause grave health problems.

UV Dangers Of Sun Tanning

The Sun emits harmful rays known as Ultra Violet rays which sensitizes human skin by penetrating through it and causing damage. Thus the Sun although necessary for us can also have some shortcomings.

Being used to getting a natural sun tan many people had to finally heed to the suggestion of the medical practitioners advising them to use sunless tanning lotions as sun causes many health problems.

These were specially formulated lotions that could give you the same tan that you were hoping to get while roasting your self in the sun. The only difference was that you were now no longer relying on the suns rays.

The foundation of sunless tanning lotions provided the tan seekers with a healthier alternative by eliminating the need to sit out in the sun altogether. This saved them from the threat of developing all those skin diseases that UV rays can trigger in the human body.

Melanin Inducing Tan Lotions

Tanning lotions are a wonderful substitute of the suns natural tanning effects. They contain chemicals which induce the growth of melanin, a skin pigment which help in sun-tanning. This could be an irritant to the skin.

Our body produces a pigment called Melanin that gives our skin its color. A larger amount of melanin makes the skin dark, and a lower amount makes the skin fairer.

Melanin Sun Lotions

One of the components besides the others is Melanin that acts as a booster for skin darkening. This chemical helps indoor sun tanning and helps the skin to catch the color quickly. Top quality lotions not only substitute the sun for tanning but also moisturize the skin.

The diverse ingredients that compose a tanning lotion also help to hydrate the skin keeping it smooth and soft. One can actually feel the skin being cleansed after using these lotions.

After the application of the tanning lotion the skin feels silky and soft as it contains properties which give such an effect. Your skin feels thoroughly clean once you have used the tanning lotion.

Selecting an appropriate sun tan lotions for you can be a difficult task. Interested individuals wishing to read further about Swedish tanlotions should click on the links here.

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