How To Deal With Toddler Vomiting And What To Look Out For

toddler vomiting is a common part of being a child. Panicking and taking them to the hospital may not be the thing you need to do. Here are some signs of what is serious and what may not be, and what to look for to see how serious their illness is.

One of the common reasons is simply being exposed to bacteria and viruses by other children. This can cause an upset stomach and be the reason they are ill. It also typically does not last for longer than a day.

If there is any blood in the vomit, or it has lasted longer than 24 hours, then call your pediatrician. Look for any signs of dehydration, and if they are present you should also call. Signs can include dry skin, crying without producing any tears, being listless or having problems concentrating.

If they have had an injury to the head recently and begin to be ill, then you need to take get them emergency services right away. If you notice what looks to be coffee grounds in what has come up, or they are in a lot of pain in the stomach area, you need to get them to the hospital and tell the medical staff about it. All of these may be an indication of something seriously wrong that needs to be attended to.

If they simply are ill, than you can give them chamomile tea to soothe the stomach. This can help settle it and keep other things down so they can feel better. If they are hungry, then crackers and dry toast can be given since it is easy to digest.

Toddler vomiting is a normal part of childhood and is not always a sign of something more serious. If you notice anything out of the ordinary then they need to have some medical attention, but remember most children will go through this and be uncomfortable. Being patience and offering love can go a long way to making them feel better.

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