Information About Rosacea Natural Treatments

Rosacea is a certain type of skin condition. Its causes are not known and it has no cure. It can however be managed through the recommend natural easy in order to reduce the intensity of the symptoms such as pains, burning sensation, and facial redness. The rosacea natural treatments are preferred because they are not expensive and you can undertake them at home.

There are very many suggested rosacea natural treatments but their effectiveness varies from one patient to another. Most of them should be observed or practiced consistently for long time if positive results are to be realized. The rosacea natural treatments mainly focus on avoiding anything that can worsen the symptoms and doing that which can reduce or get rid of the symptoms. These include the following

TAKE A LOT OF ALKALINE WATER: according to medical research, acidity and dehydration may worsen the rosacea symptoms. Taking of alkaline water helps neutralize acidity and increases body hydration and is among the most effective rosacea natural treatments. You are advised to take at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day in order to maintain the required body hydration and neutralize any acidity in the body.

Apply jojoba oil: jojoba oil is cited by very many people as one of the most effective rosacea natural treatments. The oil acts by moisturizing the skin in order to suppress the symptoms of rosacea. Jojoba oil has very similar properties to the restorative oil that is naturally secreted by the body’s sebaceous glands under the skin. This oil is non -allergenic and does not clog the pores of the skin. If you cannot get jojoba oil at your local store you may purchase the safflower oil instead.

Avoid the stimulants: as stated earlier, rosacea natural treatments include avoiding some certain things that can aggravate the symptoms. One of things to be avoided is the stimulants such as sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc. These have the effect of dilating the blood vessels and that may increase the flushing. They also increase stress and anxiety all of which have the effect of worsening the rosacea symptoms.

Avoid alcohol: avoidance of alcohol is among the most recommended rosacea natural treatments. The alcohol has diuretic properties in that it causes the removal of the water from cells of the body. After taking alcohol you must experience increase in urination and body dehydration. The dehydration increases the severity and intensity of the rosacea symptoms.

WASH THE AFFECTED PART VERY CAREFULLY: the part that is affected by rosacea is usually very sensitive. It should be washed with a lot of care. You should totally avoid the very cold or hot baths because extreme temperatures have the effect of increasing the vascular dilation and flushing in consequence. No allergic soaps should be used and there should be no scrubbing with abrasive because that can increase the reddening. All the wash clothes and body towels that are used in the cleaning should be disinfected to prevent bacterial growth.

Avoid over-exposure to the sun: rosacea affects the skin making it to be very delicate. You should ensure that you avoid direct exposure to the sun’s ultra violet rays since that can increase reddening of the face and flushing because of the dilation of blood vessels in the affected area.

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