Are Acne Creams Effective?

If most people had it their way, there would be no mirrors in the world. They would do this to avoid the constant headaches and worries they get when the image staring back at them on the mirror shows a face that has black heads, white heads and so many other ugly marks. Sometimes, when a person is suffering from this condition, it is hard to tell their skin tone. This is because some of the quick fixes people buy over the counter corrode the face and leave the skin dry and bleached.

It is hard for a person to choose the best acne creams without the help of a dermatologist who will diagnose the severity of the condition and the safest medication. However, this does not mean that all dermatologists working in back street stores or online are accredited. The choice of the medication will not be based on the most popular in the market or the most expensive; rather, it will be guided by the state of the skin and its characteristics.

This type of medication is effective in controlling the condition and it is advisable since it is applied externally unlike other medication like pills that may affect even the internal organs. This option is also preferred instead of seeking laser treatment or other severe ways to control the condition.

When looking at the costs involved, it is cheaper and will not require hospitalization. This process will take a couple of months to eliminate the condition fully, but the period will not be painful or tedious in any way. Some of the acne creams require application in the morning and evening only. Some people dismiss their effectiveness claiming that they make the skin oily and this will block all the pores therefore worsening the condition. On the contrary, upon application of the medication, it will kill harmful microorganisms on the skin’s surface, open the pores, revive the skin and lessen cases of irritation.

This treatment is also advisable because a person can use the all natural ingredients type, therefore avoiding any chemicals that may be harmful substances. It would be wrong to dismiss the effectiveness of this medication claiming that the ingredients are not certain and they may harm the skin. If that is the biggest fear, a person can use home made acne creams by learning more about the process involved. Some of the key ingredients in home-made acne creams are natural, such as fruit extracts, lemons juice, garlic, carrot juice and even cucumber. This will give you confidence in the product you use. You need to put your health first when choosing the acne creams and this entails checking the ingredients contained. Make sure it contains a lot of natural material, aloe extracts, vitamin C and vitamin E.

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