How carb counting can help diabetics

People who suffer from diabetes can sometimes find it quite a difficult condition to deal with as they have to stay aware of their blood sugar levels and keep up their insulin injections. It can be extremely frustrating to have to put time aside throughout the day and go and find somewhere to perform the insulin injection. It can also be quite embarrassing for people with diabetes to explain to people where they are going when this happens. They do have an alternative option to help them control the diabetes though.

Fast Weight Loss

There’s no such thing as quick weight loss.

Exercises for Fat Loss or Muscle Building

Don’t waste your time doing these exercises.

WLS Journey! RNY! Weight Loss Progress Pics! Down 145 lbs.

My Gastric Bypass Journey

Atkins Diet Misconceptions: Simply water weight loss?

In this video of the Atkins Diet Misconceptions series, I deal with the myth that Atkineers simply lose water weight. To some, the Atkins Diet is simply a trip to the sauna nothing more or less. ( As with any other “Big Lie,” it of coruse starts with the truth and departs rapidly from it. …

The Eat-Clean Diet

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195. Weight Loss is Not Suffering

There is no need to sacrifice to lose weight.

7 Simple Steps to Start Weight Loss

Here are 7 simple things you can do to start the weight loss process.

239. Eat This Not That Weight Loss Book

Weight Loss Book Eat This Not That

Can I accept myself fat

myself big and that was that…until I tested borderline diabetic. AND, discovered high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was experiencing fatigue and difficulty breathing. Was this really okay with me? It was only going to get worse as time went on. To each his own, but for me, that’s not acceptable anymore… Link to Today …