Can I accept myself fat

myself big and that was that…until I tested borderline diabetic. AND, discovered high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was experiencing fatigue and difficulty breathing. Was this really okay with me? It was only going to get worse as time went on. To each his own, but for me, that’s not acceptable anymore… Link to Today […]

Life Update, Check-In Additions, Etc :)

blessed to receive so much love and support from so many people! That being said, you must realize how the hate toward Jason effects me as well. I think it’s just incredibly uncalled for. I am happy to report that life is feeling better. Much love!! Ooh, and please check out Weight Loss Losers: […]

High Fiber Foods – Healthy Weight Loss

Naturopathic Doctors strongly suggest that we increase roughage (fiber) in our diets. The latest holistic medical research suggests the high incidence of heart disease, diabetes, bowel disease, hernia and diverticulitis in western countries on a lack of dietary fiber in the diet. How much dietary fiber are you consuming on a daily basis? Americans usually […]

Whole Foods, Health and Weight Loss – Nutrition by Natalie

Nutrition by Natalie Whole Foods, Health and Weight Loss How whole foods can help your health and help you lose weight. Processed foods like fast food can make you fat and cause health problems. A whole foods diet will ensure you get the nutrition you need.