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  1. I just started raw food I am 98% raw and weight a bout 50 pds over weight. The point is I am 55 so it might be hard. This is my first time seeing your videos

  2. when are you going to be thin?

  3. Stop buying clothes! 😀 J/k, but seriously, I’ve been following these videos since last year and, wow, such an improvement! You motivated me to lose 58lbs since last August, so thank you! 🙂 You are such an inspiration!

  4. I love that your doing this vlog. It’s helping to keep me motivated. Sooooo, thanks!! : ) Oh and by the way, your looking GREAT AND SMALL!!!! ; )

  5. dawnkytty says:

    You are a big inspiration to me! I realized whenever I watch your videos I get a sudden urge to surround myself with healthy items. I even got a job at a local health food store, just to help me keep focused on my journey.

  6. MakeupbyTrish says:

    HOw tall are you?

  7. CAVITYFIGHTER214 says:

    i beg to dis agree i think you are SEXY

  8. Curlyreetz says:

    If you need to make someone feel stink, go talk to the mirror.

  9. YOU LOOK BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I also wanted to give you some advice if you ever have a night of bad eating or drinking or whatever: double your juicing the next day. The power of juice is amazing which I bet you’ve noticed! Have you thought about joining Natalia’s detox website? It’s $50 which is annoying, but there is a lot of support and tips there that can help you w/any other questions you may have! Please message me if you need support on detox – I’ve been there and know it’s tough but SO worth it. 🙂 Love your videos!

  11. Weight is really only a good tool when you are losing massive amounts of it. I think you know you’ve gotten to the point where seeing a number on a scale doesn’t really correlate with how you look and feel. I think it’s so great you’re only going to weigh yourself every month! I honestly only weigh myself if I’m curious because I can be at a low weight and look flabby, and be at a higher weight and look great! Weight (as you know) is beyond misleading.

  12. poisionsivy says:

    Aww sorry to hear about your break up with Greggers. But only you know what is best for you. GOOD LUCK. I know Cali has been the same change for me, moving from WA. It’s been a wave of emotions.
    Hang in there! Were all cheering ya on!

  13. Most weight loss programs suggest you weigh yourself once a week. This is because of natural weight fluctuations that occur due to hydration levels and where you are at a far as bowel evacuation ( gross, I know), which make daily weight loss/gains sometimes not seem to make sense. For permanent, healthy weight loss, “slow and steady wins the race”. You rock, BTW…keep it up and grow from the experience of your breakup and , hey, you really don’t need to share that with You Tube.

  14. gloryfrompain says:

    Understand totally where you are coming from with the weight fluctuations. I ate a bag of chips yesterday and gained 3 lbs today. Aggravates the heck out of me! Anyways, good job with the weight loss!

  15. How do you take clothes in? Are you going to alter them yourself or go to a tailor?

  16. TheSustainMe says:

    Hey just found your vids. Nice. Thank you for the inspiration.

  17. realitycheckdiva says:

    158 is still pretty big there! Lets face it, once a fatty always a fatty…

  18. blueverucasalt says:

    Great job on the loss!!! Sorry to hear about the emotional roller coaster, I’m sure it will be better soon.

  19. rominapilar says:

    shanti, you know i miss the kind of videos were you fit into close, or like the one were you show how to do a good make up or the one were ypou fit into the prom dresses, i hope you do one of those, well i know that in btl you do that but i hope to see more of those.. any way just say that im sorry for you and greg you lokk so cute togeter but if u need to be alone i kind underteand im in a 8 years relationship and sometimes i need a time out. just say that ur awsome and keep the same

  20. kristinedepp says:

    it’s weird… everytime I watch your videos I want to pee … xDDDDDDDDDDD

  21. MiracleCreations07 says:

    they say its discouraging to weigh everyday! weigh once a week is a good idea

  22. RiotGrrrlGess says:

    i saw your first vid a couple minutes ago, and all ive got to say is WOW!

    im really inspired

  23. JessicaPersonalChef says:

    Just live and do your thing 🙂 I think you’re doing great!!!

  24. Great job on the weight loss! I had no idea alcohol had that much effect O_o


  25. luvuhunny says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! You look amazing! There is something so amazing about eating raw and losing weight, because it is as if your body starts to chizzle down to what it naturally should be at, ya know?! Well best of luck in your personal life, I’m proud of you for taking that step for yourself! xoxo

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